Posted by Rachel Friday, 9 July 2010
I'm SO tired, I'm going to sleep right now! I'm so tired I have no motivation to exercise, the thought of it horrifies me. I'm so tired I don't even have the motivation to get motivated!

Well the damage wasn't too bad, I was under 77 this morning, 76.9. Usual breakfast, leftover stir-fry for lunch, canned coffee, handful of dried banana chips for snack and just had dinner - one mouthful of rice, a bowl of miso soup with tofu and hakusai, a handful of edamame, 2 bits of cucumber, a bowl of lettuce with aojiso dressing, some pieces of grilled mackerel and 4 of those tiny cheese sausages. No dessert, the kids bought Mr Donut when they were out shopping with their father, YAY! Yay because I know I can resist Mr Donut. Those Parm chocolate ice creams in the freezer might be a bit harder...

Okay I'm writing to record my weekend plan so I don't go off the rails this weekend again.

No drinking, I can't, I always have too many and feel foggy the next day then I eat too much. I have writing to do tomorrow morning, the fashion show on Sunday and editing on Monday so I have to have a clear head.

Usual breakfast Saturday, scrambled eggs for lunch, beef stir-fry for dinner. Nuts for afternoon tea snack, and fruit, I have to eat it up I bought nectarines and peaches the other day.

Sunday a muesli bar for breakfast, as I'll be out of the house by 8:30am. NO IDEA what we are doing for lunch, obentos or bakery (hence no bakery for lunch Saturday). Dinner no idea either, maybe order a pizza. Anyone seen the new Pizza California menu, they have this new one with an interesting-looking crust and CAMEMBERT on it.

Okay I think I just wrote a menu plan for how to get FAT over the weekend, not how to get thin.

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  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Hope you managed to keep that angelic weekend and that camembert didn't sneak it's way onto your pizza crust. Yum yum.