Day 6

Posted by anchan Sunday, 18 July 2010
Home (almost) alone today. The three boys have gone off to the kodomokai camp, leaving M and I to a quiet and peaceful house. The little lady has just gone to bed and I am sorely tempted by the stack of Ghana chocolate that K left for me in the fridge, so perhaps sitting down to write this will help to overcome the urge to rip off the wrappers and devour!

black coffee
bowl of fruity granola
small lemon cake (omiyage)
barley tea
Marrakesh vegetable curry with half a cup of couscous
barley tea
packet of Galbo (naughty, naughty)
small bowl of chaahan
black coffee

The curry was super healthy and delicious, made with sweet potato, kabocha, aubergine (eggplant), carrots, chickpeas, almonds, raisins and a whole host of spices - yuuum!


  1. anchan Says:
  2. Arghh, ate one of the bars of chocolate, and then W got sent home from camp for throwing up! xxx

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Ah, chocolate, another one of my vices. I love Ghana chocolate too. I think with chocolate the key is not to buy it in the first place. One other thing I do is put it all in a box and hide it at the very bottom of the freezer, so I have to REALLY want it and go to quite some effort to actually get at it.

  5. anchan Says:
  6. I am OK if there is none in the house, and I have stopped buying it myself. Trouble is, K keeps on filling the fridge with the stuff - I wish he would hide it and not tell me where it is!