Day 3

Posted by anchan Friday, 16 July 2010
Yesterday was a terrible, emotional and utterly unbloggable (as GW would say) day. Although things got off to a good start, by lunchtime I had rooted out my very secret stash of Pringles and Galbo choccies... but amazingly I was able to stop myself from munching my way throught the entire lot), eating only 1/3 of each - a huge achievement for me! I wasn't, however, able to get things back on keel and ended up eating a Snickers bar for dinner en route to my yoga class. So, for honesty's sake, here's what got consumed:

black coffee
3(!) slices of wholemeal toast (was supposed to be one slice with a poached egg, but it was freshly baked and warm and I couldn't controll myself)
black coffee
bowl of popcorn (cooked with a little oil and a sprinkle of salt)
1/3 tube Pringles
black coffee
2 sticks of Galbo
bowl of soba salad
bottle of water
mug of hot chocolate

Did an hour and a half of yoga and was really hungry when I got home, but it was too late to be eating...

Today will be a better day.

I checked out how many calories I am supposedly able to eat - around 2000! Seems a lot, but I guess that's how much I need in order to maintain and not gain? Anyway, I certainly am no longer consuming this many calories...

I have started to track my food and nutrition using FitDay. It is rather time consuming at the moment as I have to look up all the foods individually, but it will get easier and it is really interesting!

Before I sign off, I have decided that I will weigh in on Fridays before any weekend damage, so...

Last Friday I weighed 67.2kg, today I am 66.4kg - wow!!Really, really pleased! I will be skinny again, I will, I will, I will!


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. WOW!

    At this rate you'll be dead before the four months end!

    I'm assuming there's some bloat involved there!

    I've looked at sparkpeople and the other one, but I don't have the time/will to do that yet. It's just seems to hard to weigh everything, look it up, do the math... supposed since I eat a lot of the same stuff, it would get easy after a few weeks.

  3. anchan Says:
  4. woops, typo!! Should have read 67.2kg!

  5. wow great weight loss! Congrats! And just think of yesterday as your high calorie day they recommend having once a week to keep your metabolism working well, to mix things up a bit. :)

    Rachel - call me obsessed but I have a small digital scale and I even bring it with me to the table and weigh and write down everything I eat. haha it's such a drag but you get used to it... I'm looking forward to once the fat is gone and all I'm doing is maintaining / building muscle then I can go back to counting in my head!

  6. anchan Says:
  7. Thanks, Corrina! Actually, although I ate junk, I think I still managed to stay within my calorie allowance for the day - it just meant that I consumed 'empty' calories and ended the day very hungry! I'm really trying to work on making sure I eat a more nutritionall balanced diet. FitDay analyses my daily intake, it's really interesting!