Birthday Bust

Posted by Bryn Thursday, 15 July 2010
Just as I knew it would be, possibly a smidge worse.  B'fast was a bowl of Kashi cereal, which is actually pretty tasty.  I was afraid it would taste like twigs and pebbles, because that's what it looks like, but it wasn't too bad.  Lunch was okay too, small cup of baked potatoe soup, w/ bacon crumbles (as opposed to my usual bowl, w/ double bacon).  Only had a small slice of b-day cake at work.  But dinner.....

We ended up going to Chili's for din-din, I had a chips and salsa and an entire order of fried pickles (which I completely hogged all by myself), a ribeye, mashed potatoes with thick, creamy black pepper gravy, and fries, two mega-sized margaritas and the free milk shake you get a Chili's on your b-day.

Unbelievably, I somehow weighed in at 185 lbs even this morning!  No clue how that happened!  I was positive I had gained, and was only hoping to have at least stayed the same, but I'm down 1.2 lbs!  Maybe my birthday pig just hadn't had time to catch up with me this morning?


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Congratulations! Think of that 1.2lbs as your birthday present!

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Yay! What a great birthday celebration!