Big Fat Bread Day

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 22 July 2010
rhubarb yogurt and granola with stewed apple and trim milk. STILL haven't made the new muesli!

Lunch: Cheese on toast - half a slice. Mixed filled roll - three mini rolls with ham, egg, tuna. I added cheese! This is an example of how badly I start to eat when the kids are home. I have got to start thinking of a sensible lunch menu. I have hit on the idea of basically following the Kyushoku menu, with my own versions of course. But that won't be till next week!

Snack: half a hamburger

Dinner: chicken and pesto sandwich on some divine bread I got at the station bakery that has JUST wheat flour in it! You know how they have that sign that says if it has milk, or eggs or sugar, etc well it had none of that. Lovely bready taste. Only problem was the flour sprinkled all over the top. Why do they do that? I can imagine a bit of flour getting on there from the kneading, but this is Japan, and you just know they deliberately shook a pre-measured amount of flour over evenly with a sieve, just so us bready-pigs would get flour all over us as we eat our sandwhich! It's going to make even greater toast with butter and marmite!

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  1. anchan Says:
  2. Bread is my downfall...

    In Europe, especially the UK, bread is often sold sprinkled with flour. Don't know why.