30 Day Shred - Day 1

Posted by Gaijin Wife Thursday, 29 July 2010
Holy shit and fuck me sideways. Sorry. I do usually reserve this kind of obscene language for my normal blog but shit - LEVEL ONE - bloody LEVEL ONE people. How on earth do people get to level damn three.

The 30-Day shred DVD has three levels - 20 minutes per workout and you supposedly do one until you think you can handle the next one and then go up a level.

I was doing quite well with Billy - that first week - and then somehow finding 40 minutes gets harder. I am fine if exercising involves leaving the house - like a run or a walk. Walking the kids to kinder is great. I can't stop half way or take a break and go back to it. I have to finish or I'm left sweltering in the 8am sun by the rice paddies.

Other shit is harder - that exercise bike I got way back..... my English class kids kept bloody turning the peddles round at full speed and the inside rubber tube/band thing came off and for the life of me I can't get it back on. It is STILL sitting upside down waiting for attention in our 'engawa' off the tatami rooms.

Core rhythms - one of the instructors is like the bloody durable battery doing hip swivels and she pisses me off.  I still like this though but it holds nothing over the shred.

Billy - good. I can get through the whole first workout which is promising but again Billy and some of what he says and his daughter..... hmmmmm...... too fricken bouncy and her form is execution perfect - which it should be but makes it hard to imitate, if that makes sense.

So the Shred - I like the woman presenting it and the sections are broken down so you can tell yourself you only have one minute or thirty more seconds of something. There are no NEW moves - it is all pretty old school so I don't feel uncoordinated at all.

That said, the twenty minutes level one workout I did after coming home from my kinder walk - holy shit. I was feeling it (in a good way) in every limb afterwards. It will be interesting to see if I can manage it straight away again tomorrow - when in fact I may well be having trouble just walking. Will try though :)

Hub and I have health checkups in less than four weeks! Time to Shred.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. hahaha! You're doing better than me, the armchair exerciser! Health checks... I still haven't told K that I didn't send my form in!

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Good luck with the shred! I'm sticking to swimming with the kids for summer at least, I'm feeling tired in the evenings, so I guess it's doing the trick!

    We will leave asap in the morning, get in a swim before lunch and one after. Might only get there in time for lunch though. Guess we'll see you there if you make it there sometime around lunchtime! If not we'll pop in to say Hi on the way home.