Weigh in 4/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 25 June 2010

Wow! I wasn't expecting to see that 3 today. I really don't feel like I have been 'dieting' so to speak and I guess if I had been I would probably be seeing bigger changes. Must be the small things - more water, less alcohol, more exercise and less munching. Being more conscious of what I eat and when I eat it. Not wanting to go out and buy cake in case you guys virtually come and cyber kick my ass. All good. If I was trying to do this on my own I wouldn't be so thank you.

Wednesday - good day really. 
Piece of toast for breakfast and a salad and piece of pizza toast out with Chiemi for lunch. I think we had yakisoba for dinner and in between there was a bowl of edamame, a banana and some of that blueberry vinegar. Coffee of course and NO alcohol. Water - yes. 

Thursday - toast, shared obento with Ryu for lunch and Cream stew and spinach stuff for dinner. 2 beers which I wasn't thinking would be had - I had had SUCH a good day food and exercise wise and I came back from my English class at 9pm and see that hub had gone out with Shou and got a couple :( If it's there..... I still have trouble stopping myself even though it was the night before weigh-in. Imagine, if I hadn't hose two really heavy beers I might have weighed in at 79 this morning!! How cool would that have been.

Hope you guys are doing OK. At this baby steps rate of 2kg a month I will still be another 6kgs lighter at the end of it all. And 8kg lighter might nearly be a dress size??


  1. tj-injapan Says:
  2. yay! definately the little things and taking small steps works when it comes to lifestyle changes (as opposed to dietting), right?. good 4 u GW!!! even just taking the minute to stop and reconsider that cookie (in my case) or cake/beer etc seems to be making a difference. ganbatte and keep it up.

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Congratulations! How wonderful to see results even though you didn't feel like you were dieting. That's what you get for just being a little more mindful. As long as you credit yourself and not the vinegar! Sorry, but I just have no faith in all of Japan's little magic potions, vinegars and mushroom extracts and black bean pills and what-have-you! It's simple math - energy in, energy out.

    They may be baby steps, but I like to think of them as permanent steps! Unlike a too-rapid weight loss, which will almost always come straight back. A whole new dress size is a really good reason to GO SHOPPING when you get to NZ!

  5. Bryn Says:
  6. Congrats! I think the slow-and-steady approach works best when it comes to keeping the weight off long-term. What's the deal with the blueberry vinegar?