Weigh in 2/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 11 June 2010

Down 600g since last week but not deserving big purple lettering!

It has been a bit of a shit week. That said making the healthy choice is getting easier - really in my case this means not choosing to eat a,b and c, during the day. Not buying that piece of cheesy bread at the shop on the way somewhere. Have also been drinking lots more water than usual and that is getting easier too. Quite often I find myself heading to the fridge for water when in days of old I would have gotten food. Exercise has been going well thanks to the kindy being a good distance away.

Still too much drinking. So that is what I plan on working on this week. I have to be good tomorrow as Sunday is Shou's party and there will be cake and deep fried cheesy sticks of goodness. It is my birthday on Thursday (Shou's too) so me thinks a drink of bubbles to celebrate my 34 years and not having to spend it giving birth or breast feeding this year. Some bubbles wont break the diet bank though if I am sensible during the day and not having the drink with munchies...

OK, so maybe just a couple of cheese and crackers.

Can't starve the birthday girl after all.


1 Responses to Weigh in 2/16

  1. Rachel Says:
  2. So what does deserve purple lettering then? I think 600g despite being under some stress is good going! Half a kilo a week is slow, but sustainable and permanent.

    You absolutely deserve to eat whatever you like on your birthday, including LOADS of bubbles!