Weigh in 1/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 4 June 2010
First weigh in for the 16 weeks.


Don't worry, I'm sure I wont be making it big and purple if it doesn't go down!! But if I can lose 1kg a week for 16 weeks - that still isn't fabulous but it is so much closer than 85.8kg.

I have been A LOT more diligent this first week than I thought - no doubt thanks to having to write it down for everyone to see and having Rachel and Bryn doing it too - can't lie as I know Rachel and when I AM skinny and fabulous she will be able to vouch for my flummy to fabulous transformation.

I have walked 5km four times which will hopefully continue if Granny K doesn't mind looking after Ryu for an hour in the mornings - although this morning I took him with me and he sat in the toddle seat and Marina and Shou stood in the back of the double buggy, with Shou walking about 1/4 of the way.

What I have survived the week without - cheese, chocolate, chips and chuhai. Never would have thought I'd see the day :) I have had beer but only one at the end of the day (but not last night) and haven't been munching with it like I usually would.

Hub hasn't said anything and I haven't told him about my secret blog. Let's wait and see how much I have to lose before the man actually realizes!

Next weigh in - next Friday. Lets see if I can go a whole week without stepping on the scales once!! OK, so I probably can't go cold turkey but will try and be good.


  1. Bryn Says:
  2. Hooray GW! Great job! I agree, I think the accountability really helps!

  3. Bryn Says:
  4. Need to take my before picture tonight, before I melt away into nothing! LOL Are we posting them together with after shots at the end of our 4 mths, or now?

  5. Gaijin Wife Says:
  6. I was planning on posting mine at the end? You can post yours now though. I'm too chicken shit incase I fall off the wagon and then all the cyber world has of me is a fat photo and not a fabulous one!!