The Weekend

Posted by Rachel Monday, 21 June 2010
Saturday breakfast: 2 slices wholegrain toast with butter and marmite
Lunch: Sandwich with marmite, cheese and lettuce, 1&1/2 slices of camembert bread
Dinner: about six cheese sausages, fried egg and 2 slices wholegrain bread, vietnamese rolls, yogurt with chocolate blueberries AND white chocolate chips.
Also had a coffee ice, and a small ice cream during the day, and a banana I think

Sunday, breakfast mixed cereals with rhubarb. Freshly made rhubarb, I used less sugar this time, it's much yummier you can really taste the rhubarb!
Lunch: We ate out for Father's Day at Kisha Poppo, I had a huge teishoku with tempura, a special kind of rice steamed with seasonal vegetables that the restaurant is famous for, some sashimi, chawan-mushi, and miso soup. And a custard purin-flavoured soft-cream which was delicious!!!!
Dinner: a few slices of sashimi, a small salad and 2 cans of beer. Well, I kept my promise to have a salad on Sunday night!

Overall, too much bread, ice-cream, chocolate, and snacks. I put it all back on again! Back to square one.