Tuesday 29

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 30 June 2010
Breakfast: yogurt and raspberries, muesli

Lunch: leftover samosas. Would probably have eaten them all but luckily DH came home for lunch, and we shared, so I had 4. Plus egg and wholegrain toast, no butter. Dessert - the last six mint chips, now they are GONE. I'll just have to scrounge around the house looking for more chocolate now.

Afternoon tea: a banana, a muesli bar, a can of coffee. It's muesli bar day! They're nearly gone too, I'll have to consider whether I should get them again. Really I should make banana oatmeal bars or flapjacks, then I can SEE how much butter and sugar go into them, which makes me hesitate to eat so much!

Dinner: 2 pieces ginger pork, a serving of vegetable and pork stir-fry, half a piece of corn on the cob - no butter! a few edamames, a small serve of wakame, cucumber, and crab vinegared salad, a few pieces of kochi sashimi, a small glass of beer.