Posted by Gaijin Wife Monday, 21 June 2010
The weekend was horrendous - drinking on Saturday night with deep fried cheese and other notoriously bad diet foods! Sunday the kids were testing as per usual and I don't think healthy eating even crossed my mind. I was trying to go for no alcohol in the evening but couldn't do it.

Something needs to shift. I put on a kilo over the weekend so getting down to the 83s for weigh day this week looks like an impossibility.

Can somebody please just come and liposuck my flummy and thighs away?

Why hasn't someone invented an easy fatty fix yet? Guess the diet industry bans it.

Have started drinking this blueberry vinegar stuff today. Apparently vinegar  helps the fat that is there unstick from the side of the walls and helps prevent new fat from taking up residence.

Right, might go have me another swig of that then.

Hope you lot are doing better.


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Diet industry bans the quick fix? Are you kidding? The diet industry makes millions of bucks off the quick fix, and I'm guessing blueberry vinegar is among them...

    There's no easy answers, I'm afraid. The same thing is happening to me on weekend. Either we have to completely starve during the week to make up for it, or give up weekend indulgences for the meantime. Only, how long is the meantime going to be?? The whole four months, I suppose.

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. I won't a quick fix that wooooooooooooorks. I have all the ones that don't!!