Ooops wine (Rachel)

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Okay, if we're starting yesterday, FAR too many wines while watching TV at night. oops. Well, I felt like shit this morning, so it serves me right, and reminds me that the other reason (apart from calories, health and cost) that I must not drink, is how tired and grumpy I feel the next morning, even when I don't have an actual hangover. AND how much I NEED to eat horribly fattening food to cure it.

Breakfast was a banana
Lunch a marmite, cheese and lettuce sandwich, a boiled egg and a Star Bucks combini Latte, and an ice cream.
Dinner one cheese sausage, one slice of ham, half a cake of tofu, 2-3 pieces of pumpkin, 4-5 broccoli florets with a bit of mayonnaise, one teaspoonful of rice with furikake, and an ear of corn with salt and loads of butter. Oh, and LOTS of wine.

Re the guidelines, for me I have to add 'No canned coffee'. I don't know if I can do the No Chocolate thing! Maybe once a week. I think it's important to have a day off a week too.

I hear you on wanting to see results. But this is IT - slow and steady WILL work, and it will STAY off.

My goal is to be under 70 by the time I go to NZ in Dec, so I can SHOP!!