My day 1 - Saturday

Posted by f Sunday, 6 June 2010
1 piece of toast with orange marmalade
1 cup of tea with soy milk and two sugars
1 big glass of water

Pre-lunch snack
2 and a half gyoza (why did I eat these? not a good choice for snack food)
1 cup of tea with soy milk and two sugars

1/2 hamburg
boiled broccoli and mushroom
zaru soba with tsuyu
1 big glass of water
1 tea with soy milk and two sugars

pre-dinner snack
mixed nuts
1 glass diet pepsi
1 coffee, soy milk, two sugars

big salad with chicken, cucumber, avocado, aojiso dressing.
2 big glasses of water
2 spoons of daughter's baby yogurt
1 zero calorie peach jelly

1 hour pilates class. Cycling to and from pilates. The cycle is very short but I was running late so it was a bit of a high speed dash.

Thoughts -
Was very restrained with the pepsi and drank more water than usual but still need more.
Am trying to cut back on sugar in my coffee and tea and 2tsp per cup is also restrained. Hoping to get down to 1tsp per cup or even better, none!
Glad I went to pilates, helps with some of the guilt but def. need to do more the rest of the week. I did find myself a little cranky throughout the day, feeling the pressure of the challenge! :) Also found myself reaching for food out of habit when I wasn't hungry. Hope to be more mindful of that.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Your chicken salad with avo sounds yum. My local supermarket doesn't stock them unfortunately :( May need to venture further a field tomorrow.

    Pilates sounds like such a good form of exercise. 16 weeks of regular pilates and surely the muffin top will disappear!

  3. fura Says:
  4. I think it's on the menu again tonight. I seriously lack ideas when it comes to making dinner. I can't believe there is no avocado in your town! I hope one finds its way to you soon. Pilates, yes, I'm counting on it :)