Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 29 June 2010
I'm out of Bio yogurt, so I'm eating the kids' Bulgaria, but without the sugar added. And the raspberries of course. I REALLY wanted toast this morning, I find once I start on that yummy bread I don't want to stop! But I ate the muesli instead, and really enjoyed it. Ate it at the computer because DH was in the kitchen eating natto with raw egg, which puts me off as much I suppose as me eating soured secretions from cow's udders puts him off.

Lunch, leftover spinach pie and some pieces of pumpkin, and a piece of white bread. Not my usual leftover + salad + egg and toast, so I felt like searching for more and more food, but satisfied myself with Erica's leftovers!

Afternoon tea, three rice paper wraps with lettuce and a spoonful of samosa filling. Samosa filling and rice paper wraps do NOT go together, so I am looking for something else to fill them. Pesto maybe?

Dinner, the samosas, I had nine (they were made with gyouza wraps, so they were gyouza size) with a few pieces of pumpkin, and some tofu. How's the tofu going Bryn, converted yet?

Apple for dessert