Monday 21

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 22 June 2010
Three weeks, and nothing to show for it. Well, just have to get back on the damn wagon again.

Breakfast - mixed cereal with rhubarb again. I'm worried about that because it's the commercial high-sugar cereals. I really must get around to toasting some more muesli.

Lunch - piece of wholegrain bread with marg, a serving of vegetable tagine

Dinner - tired so I bought dinner. chicken salad, cucumber and wakame salad, half a grilled fillet of mackerel, a tempura ham and egg. (weird thing I got in the supermarket - a slice of ham held around en agg with a piece of seaweed, the whole thing dipped in tempura batter and lightly deep-friend. Probably horribly calorific!)

A few chocs after lunch, a sweet yogurt for dessert.