Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 5 June 2010
Like on 'Survivor' - I think we should be allowed a day of immunity :) 

Obviously only saying this as had a very bad day :(

Breakfast - tomato on toast
Morning tea - two cups of coffee and one of Ryu's packets of baby crackers.
Lunch - sushi (healthy and hopefully enough wasabi to kick arse the deep fried squid legs out of the system!) Ice-cream in the car on the way home. And for what it's worth I really enjoyed the first half and only ate the rest out of obligation. Felt waaaaaaaay guilty afterwards.
Afternoon tea - 2 bananas and a diet coke
Dinner - salad, few mouthfuls of fried rice and half a home-made hamburger. 
Now - beer and dried squid - but hub has ideas of romps in the hay so maybe I can work one beer off aye!!

Water - only about 500mls.
Exercise - none bar the amount I will be doing soon (wink wink nudge nudge)

All in all - a very bad day and I WILL NOT be even entering the same room as the scales tomorrow. 


  1. fura Says:
  2. I think a day of immunity sounds fair :) But don't beat yourself is going to be a great day!

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. It is fura, I can feel it. lovely weather so when the boy wakes up I might take him and which ever of the other two can climb into the toddler seat the fastest, on a big walk :)

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. Absolutely a day off to eat what you like is KEY! Otherwise you start getting obsessed and start feeling like you're missing out...and then when you 'cheat' you feel like you might as well throw the whole day out...or you give up!

    I've found that I actually need less to feel treated. If you eat chocolate every day, you need to eat a whole box to feel 'treated'. But if you eat none, then just a few pieces will do, if you see what I mean.

    No way I could do this without having a day off! Please ENJOY your next ice cream.