Good day.

Posted by Bryn Saturday, 5 June 2010
Got off to a crap start today.  We were running really late for E's baseball team pix, no time for b'fast, so whipped through the drive-thru at BK, got my fave sausage & cheese croissandwich and a small coke (that's something I guess, I usually the the mega-huge medium one!  Although the American small drink is even bigger than the Japanese large!)

But after that, I was determined to stay on track.  Started a massive spring clean, which included pulling out the washer, dryer and fridge and scouring the 3 years of muck and grime!  Cleaned pretty much all day.

Lunch was a small bowl of fried rice, in the middle of E's team PIZZA party!!!  Where there were CUPCAKES!!!!  I had NONE of either!  Wasn't even tempted, but I did have another coke.

Snack was an apple w/ 1 tbsp of low fat p'nut butter.

Dinner was a cup of grapes (looked up how many grapes equals one full serving of fruit!) and a slice of 200 calorie pizza (which I love) and.......another coke.  Damn :(

Got down 3 bottles of water today, but with the coke rule, it should have been 6, but that's still better than my usual none!  And I got in my two servings of fruit with no problem, so thinking I'll bump it 3.

Had one powdered mini-donut for snack.  Not a great day, but soooooo much better than what a typical day was like before 4MC!  So I feel pretty good.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Wow, I'm way impressed. That was a great day. I have been completely shit. Thankfully you made up for my lack of willpower :)

  3. fura Says:
  4. Your spring clean is seriously saintly! I hate to think what is lurking in the back of my fridge :) Good on you!