Friday 25

Posted by Rachel Saturday, 26 June 2010
Friday went pretty well, considering that for me, the weekend free-for-all often starts on Friday night!

Breakfast: yogurt and raspberries - I'm LOVING the raspberries. Neither the yogurt nor the raspberries have sugar added, so it's a rather sour mixture, but I like sour yogurt and I LOVE berries. Who was saying berries are the best fruit, because they have the least sugar? Was it one of you two? I'm guessing that this fact, and other nutritional benefits of berries are behind the blueberry vinegar thing.

Lunch: leftover chicken, ume and shisho rolls, broccoli with Italian dressing, egg on toast. Dessert - six mint chips.

Afternoon tea, half a custard fish, half a carrot.

Dinner: tofu steak with mushroom sauce(made with yogurt, as I didn't have any cream, but it was a good idea! Masked its flavor with wine, soy sauce and loads of black pepper), Japanese-style simmered pumpkin, bowl of miso soup with potato, carrot and onion.

Weighed in at 76.7 this morning, I will be keeping an eye on that this weekend, I don't aim to lose any more, but I DON'T want to gain any extra this weekend too. With that aim in mind, I have a plan, I have decided to have bread for lunch today, to quell that craving, and to cook a special, new recipe tonight that will keep me interested, without having to pig-out. I haven't decided what that is yet, I will look through a recipe book in a moment. Tomorrow's breakfast will be marmite on toast, I need that at least once a week, lunch will be salads and scrambled eggs, dinner, since DH is going to a concert, will be pizza and rhubard crumble, my weekly treat. I am leaving it to the end so it won't precipitate a blow-out.

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  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. honestly, sometimes I think my weekend free for all starts on mondays!!