Friday 18

Posted by Rachel Saturday, 19 June 2010
NOT the usual breakfast, since I am out of muesli. Had commercial granola mixed with puffed soy bean granola (MUCH yummier than it sounds) and bran flakes (too yummy, I think they must have loads of sugar) mixed with rhurarb. Bought more rhurbarb, over-cooked it again, grr!

Lunch - went out for lunch with an old friend. Pizza - four slices, small slices, but still, pizza! Then a very yummy so probably very calorific mocha.

Afternoon tea: some more of these basil snack things, a few spicy cheese flavored jagariko (new flavor, had to try it) and a handful of 'cheese france' slices of dried bread with cheese masquerading as potato chips, they looked nice, would go well with tomato soup, I thought, then I looked at the ingredient list, and it was about a mile long and full of bizarre things, so I think I won't buy those anymore, I'll just get a baguette and a block of camembert and do it myself, much yummier too!

Dessert, a BIG handful of chocolate-covered blueberries and a pottle of BIO yogurt. I think I also ate the last truffle, or that might have been Thursday.

Back on track today, which is hard, cos it's Saturday, but I have already made plans for dinner - bought salads already.