Do you tofu?

Posted by Bryn Thursday, 24 June 2010
Rachel, I know you do, so point me in the right direction.  I've heard it's pretty awesome stuff, low cal, low/no fat, lots of protein, very versatile.  But when I decided to buy some at the Japanese grocery.....crap!  Even if the packaging were written in a language I could actually read, there were so many different kinds!  How do you know what's what?  What is what?  Where do I start?  Keep in mind, I'm not culinarily inclined, so I need to start out easy (but yummy!).

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  1. Rachel Says:
  2. TOFU! I actually have a whole recipe book of tofu recipes, although half of them are just variations on toppings for cold tofu! I've been trying to find nice new recipes for tofu.

    The simplest thing at the start is to buy the 3- or 4-packs for about 100yen, they are easy ready-to-eat portions, not as wet as normal tofu (which you have to mess around with, draining it and stuff before you can eat it)

    Here are my favorite three:

    Cold tofu: just dump the tofu onto a plate, add a squeeze of instant ginger, some soy sauce and a sprinkling of katsuoboshi (those pink dried fish flakes).

    Tofu and tuna salad: Chop up some hakusai/white cabbage, add a tin of tuna with the oil drained, and a cake of tofu sliced into cubes. It's easiest to do the cuts while it's still in its packet, by the way. Toss, and eat it with balsamic vinegar (or any favorite dressing, sesame would be nice too)

    Tofu steaks: This is getting a bit trickier - you have to wrap the tofu cakes in kitchen towels, or put it on a plate with another plate on top to squeeze out the water. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper and a bit of katakuriko (potato starch, a bit like cornflour/cornstarch, or just flour!), and pan-fry in a little olive oil. Top with mushroom sauce (you can just fry them in oil with some freshly cracked black pepper, or add wine and cream for an easy sauce)