Day 9

Posted by Gaijin Wife Wednesday, 9 June 2010
Not too bad I guess - but then hub isn't home yet and he might waltz in with a beer and my resolve is torn so I will probably give in. Sigh.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegetate and half a banana
Morning tea - Too busy making railway crossing for Shou's birthday cake
lunch - obento from the supermarket shared with Ryu - which sounds silly cause how much can a 1 year old eat?? Ryu can eat all the spag that came with the hamburger pattie, a couple of mouthfuls of hamburger and one third of the rice.
Afternoon tea - apple and half a diet coke
Dinner - mince and rice lasagna dish and a piece of bread.
Now - crushed grapefruit ice thing worth 12 kcal.

water - about 1.5 lts.
tea and coffee - three cups
exercise - round trip to the kindy 

Not too bad and if I could only get into bed without having anything else there might be hope for the scales on Friday!

1 Responses to Day 9

  1. Rachel Says:
  2. What I like about this day for you is it sounds doable - good choices, normal food, nothing excessive, this is kind of how we have to be foreverever, but this sound doable!