Day 9

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 9 June 2010
The usual breakfast

About 5 cups of tea

Lunch: one slice wholegrain toast, butter again (forgot again that I don't have butter on that toast!), fried egg (should really switch to boiled or poached, but it takes longer) a few pieces of bacon and pork, 2 squares of crunky choc and two Lindor hazelnut truffles that my friends brought me as a souvenir!

Afternoon tea: muesli bar, I know, too much sugar, but I'm trying to get through the mammoth package I got from flying pig. I need it today because I run late on a Tuesday, so I need something at 4pm to keep me going until dinner, which is not until about 8pm. And a canned coffee, because I was feeling stressed and PMSy and mad at the world for no particular reason.

Dinner: I had vague ideas about the pork cutlets I bought cheap last week - stirfry? shredded with a sesame sauce? then my student said she was having tomato soup for dinner, and suddenly I HAD to have tomato soup, with parmesan cheese and french bread. So I stopped by the supermarket on the way home for cans of tomatoes, and mixed it with chicken stock and some frozen onion and mushroom soups I had in the freezer, and added salt and sugar and black pepper and basil and made a super soup! So I had 3 soup ladles of that with 2 slices of french bread, about 1T of parmesan and three cheese sausages, some moore leftover pork, 4-5 broccoli florets (with a tiny bit of mayo and soy sauce).

Dessert: pottle of strawberry yogurt, closer to purin than yogurt on the sugar scale, I think, but exacltly 66 calories. One BAILEYS chocolate!! I HAD to buy these when I saw them, and while they are not as delicious as real Bailey's, they were really good. I have two leftover for today. I'm being a bit of chocolate fiend this week.