Day 8

Posted by Rachel Monday, 7 June 2010
So, it's been a whole week, and I did not do well today, had another barbecue to go to, which doesn't help things! I DO believe in breaking the diet for special events, however I think I still have a lot of work to do to eat sensibly at events, and not over-do it, just because. Like today, I really only needed ONE piece of chocolate brownie, not four. At least I resisted the ice cream.

Breakfast: cereal and yogurt as per usual.
Lunch: barbecue, about 5 pieces of meat (large size), two serves of green salad, two each of pumpkin, broccoli, carrot with sesame dressing, 4 fried cheeses (one of my favorite, so irresistable), coconut curry with rice, one non-alcoholic beer, a glass of coke, 2 coffees (black, yay!), those brownies, small serve of non-sweet jelly, probably a few other things I've forgotten.
Dinner: yaki-soba, 2 packs between four of us, lots more meat and veg than soba, fried egg on top. Also ate Erica's leftovers.

Here's to doing better tomorrow!

ps, I've been tidying my favorites, found this diet myths page, thought you might be interested in this about water:

"Humans need eight glasses of water a day - FALSE

The physiologist Heinz Valtin tried to track the basis of this belief, which he claims may be responsible for the excessive intake of high-calorie fluids in the modern diet.

Valtin showed a person's fluid needs depended on age, gender, activity level and state of health - as well as the weather - and varied from 500 millilitres (about three glasses) to four litres (24 glasses) a day. Despite the popularity of the eight glasses ''rule'', international guidelines on fluid intake, now under development, suggest it is arbitrary and meaningless."

(me again): that said, I think what you're doing with the water replacing the soda is great, and I think water is great for a diet, both to keep you going until a mealtime, to finish off a meal, and because sometimes I confuse thirst and hunger, and go ranging in the fridge for food when all I really need is a drink of water. Just thought the above might help you not feel so bad when you don't drink all that much, and maybe GW can start visiting the toilet less?

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