Day 8 (cake)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Monday, 7 June 2010
Today started out badly with Granny K giving me grief.
I curled back up into bed with Ryu after a coffee and stayed their until 10am.

Breakfast - nothing.
Morning tea - two cups of coffee
Lunch  - oyakodon (chicken and egg on rice) shared with Ryu / coffee
Afternoon tea - apple and a few licks of cream and cake icing.
Dinner - udon, three yakitori skewers, small serve potato salad and some birthday cake.
Later - beer - it's Ryu's birthday after all. Today a year ago I went through hell and in memory of that I deserve a beer or three.

Water - only about 1lt
exercise - only the calories burnt off at being some fucking angry and the mother in law. Would have burnt off more calories if I had actually throttled her.

Not a good day really but there are no birthdays tomorrow and Granny K would be pushing it trying to pull another of what she pulled this morning - so no reason to not have a good day food and exercise wise.

Watch this space.

1 Responses to Day 8 (cake)

  1. Bryn Says:
  2. Define "some" birthday cake! Just kidding, you deserve it! Celebrating the first anniversary of a saloon door evacuation definitely calls for cake!