Day 7 - Crap

Posted by Gaijin Wife Sunday, 6 June 2010
Not so good today either. Mainly because
a. The kids were needing to be entertained all day so no 'official' exercise
b. forgot to drink loads of water because of a.
c. am now having a beer - as a result of a.

breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite and a cuppa
morning tea - coffee and half a big apple
lunch - cheese toastie and a banana
afternoon tea - banana and two hard boiled sweets and some vege and fruit juice.
dinner - curry, rice and that red pickle stuff you always get with curry.
beer and if I had any cheese and bread I would be having cheese on toast. But no food in the house - huuura for small miracles.

water - only a couple of glasses
exercise - other than stomping round after spawn of the devil and his little partner in crime - um, bike to the shop for beer.

So not such a good day - BUT tomorrow is a new day, a new week, and I still have five days to try and get down to 83 point something. That would be my fabulous goal for this week :)

Hope the rest of you were better than me this weekend.

1 Responses to Day 7 - Crap

  1. fura Says:
  2. My Sunday wasn't great either. But there is always tomorrow, and it looks like you had your had your day full worrying about your little guy :( Poor Ryu, and poor you. Now that I'm a mum I totally understand the guilt when something happens, even if its little. But from reading your blog, I think you're an amazing mum! And you deserved that beer yesterday :) Happy Birthday Ryu!