Day 5

Posted by Rachel Friday, 4 June 2010
Did okay today, it helps to be working, and moving around. I don't think I want a pedometer like Bryn though, as most days I think the tally from computer to kitchen, back to computer again will not be very encouraging...

Breakfast - half pottle of yogurt, rhubarb, toasted muesli with low-fat milk. I LOVE this breakfast, happy to eat it everyday. Thoroughly vindicated by this article

Lunch - Japanese salads and veges bought at supermarket in a rice-less, fried-foods-less bento thingy. mushroom, carrot, konyaku, seaweed knot, plus dried daikon salad, hijiki salad, cabbage and aburage and a small piece of simmered mackerel. One banana.

About five cups of milk tea.

Dinner was all over the place, literally - small ham, lettuce, cucumber and ?mayo sandwich on rye while in car, 4 chocolate coated peanuts at work waiting to get photographed for the new company brochure, one leftover half-chewed chicken drumstick when I finally got home after shopping at four different stores for tomorrow's party, two small new potatoes, one plain, one with butter and salt, and a handful of chocolate-coated blueberries. And very soon, after I have folded the laundry, I will have an apple.

1 Responses to Day 5

  1. Bryn Says:
  2. I love my breaky too, Gabi asked "Don't you get tired of eating that EVERY day?" But I don't, it's yummy, filling, low in calories and fat, high in protein. It's perfect and I enjoy it!

    I've never tried muesli. Do you cook it, like oatmeal?