Day 4

Posted by Rachel Friday, 4 June 2010
I'm writing the next morning so I've already done the weigh-in - 77.8, so down nearly half a kilo. Half a kilo is my weekly goal, I don't think anything quicker is sustainable.

Breakfast: yogurt and rhubarb. Had just half the pottle this time, I realized yesterday that with the rhubarb added and the cereal as well, the portion was large enough. Half a pottle left me quite satisfied. Muesli and low-fat milk.

Lunch: fried egg on wholewheat bread with butter. I usually don't have butter, I 'forgot' - I've been having too much white-bread-and-butter toast lately and got out of the habit! Large leafy salad with ao-jiso dressing, about half a cup of left-over curry, no rice.

Afternoon tea: muesli bar. I know, they have loads of sugar, but I am out of nuts.

Dinner: one mouthful of Lena's rice. Big bowl of miso soup with potato, tofu and aburage, bowl of salad with ao-jiso dressing (my current obsession), 2 pieces of fish coated in katakuriko and pan-fried. Would have been better grilled or simmered, but DH was cooking last night, so I didn't complain!

Went to bed early so no supper. Five cups of milk tea throughout the day. I really must measure how much milk I put into a cup.

Got this advice off a gym-bunny friend who lost it and kept it off, and is keen on gym, marathons, pilates, yoga and zumba!! For the stomach, these exercises strengthen the inner core, which is more effective than working the outer muscles, and helps your posture too:

1. PLANK. lying down on forearm with legs out and hold for count of 20.
2. SIDE PLANK . same but on the side raise up and down for a count of 10 and then reverse it.
3. V SIT ADOMINAL . rock on your bottom and slowly lift your leg up balancing and straighten them and hold.
4. BIKE CRUNCH. lay on back and cycle the legs not rocking the trunk, spine to the mat.
5. BRIDGE . lay on back and lift up bottom and squeeze into a bridge.
6. TORSO TRAINING FOR BACK. get on hands and knees. opposite arm and leg lift off the mat and hold then reverse


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Yay - another 8 kilos is so doable by Christmas and trip home. Am going to try those plank exercises... thanks.

  3. Bryn Says:
  4. Ooooh, I read the exact same thing about those same excercises! Def. going to try them out now. I'm all in favor ofany excercise I can do laying in the floor in front of the TV! LOL