Day 4

Posted by Gaijin Wife Thursday, 3 June 2010
Pretty good I guess except for supreme mummy meltdown this morning spurred by thought of trying to survive day on wheat germ juice and air. Didn't happen obviously. That would have been suicide.

Breakfast - water, coffee and an egg on toast with vegemite.
Morning tea - apple and more coffee
Lunch - left over curry from last night with about tbl spoons of rice - all that I could scrape from the sides of the rice cooker and half quite crunchy. Half an onigiri - Ryu go the other half.
Afternoon tea - a grapefruit ice thing - small bits of ice. Something crazy like 17kcal for the whole thing - but then it tastes pretty shit. Satisfying for the really hot days I guess. One of Ryu's baby crackers.
Dinner - Beef stew with half cup of cooked rice and a salad with that basil dressing.
Later - diet coke

Also had a half calorie light coffee thing from the supermarket.
Lots of water
5km round walk again.

I'm not feeling too optimistic about the weigh in tomorrow. I hope some has come off because compared to last week I ate so much better and did so much more exercise this week.

Hmmmm, think will have steaming hot bath for an hour in last attempt to shed three and half grams before tomorrow.


  1. tj-injapan Says:
  2. good luck 4 the first weigh-in tomorrow, ladies!
    I have been cyber supporting you with big side salads for dinner each night this week (until tonight, when too tired to bother, and had pizza with K, followed by a late night ritz crackers and soft-drink binge. oh well, cant be good all the time :-)

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Ditto on the left-over curry! Hard to resist that smell!

    Yes, tj, you can't be good all the time.