Day 3

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 3 June 2010
A bit better than yestereday!

Breakfast: yogurt with rhubarb. Finally found some real yogurt, complete with bacteria (if I'm reading the kanji correctly). Added the rhubarb myself. Plus a small bowl of lightly toasted muesli with trim milk.

Lunch: the last bit of that egg, on white toast with butter. Finally gone, amazing how I wanted to eat ten more of them though. Plus some Japanese salads - horenso, renkon and that dried daikon stuff and a small piece of simmered fish.

Afternoon tea: carrots

Dinner: curry - me too! I had one bowl over cabbage, one bowl over frozen mixed veg. One tablespoon of rice.

Dessert: oops again, but I had been promising this to the kids for ages. Bananas and chocolate fondue. Probably ate equivalent of one banana, and lots of chocolate.

Supper: apple


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Where on earth did you find rhubarb? What is it called in Japanese? Ryubaaaaarbu?

    You had chocolate, I had beer. Hmmmmm. You feeling any skinnier than Tuesday?

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Feeling skinnier than Tuesday on account of the fact that at least I didn't pig out on carbs all day today, as I did on Tuesday! Relative improvement, imagining I won't see much positive movement at the big weigh-in tomorrow, morning is it? Before I eat anything!

    Rhubarb: ルバーブ, got it mail order at

    There's also a rhubarb flavoured yogurt at Youme Town