Day 3

Posted by Gaijin Wife Wednesday, 2 June 2010
Feeling pretty good. Getting used to not being far from a toilet! What with crap pelvic floor muscles and all when I have to go I have to go. I don't think I got in a bad mood from being hungry today but then I have had a few carbs and besides, the day isn't finished so always time for a spaz out before bed I guess.

Breakfast - tomato on toast & half cup of coffee.
Morning tea - two cups of real coffee and an apple.
Lunch - left over pasta from last night and a salad.

Afternoon tea - half a tomato sammy and a diet coke.
Dinner - curry and one sembei (cracker thing)
1 X Asahi (and today I vowed all day that I wouldn't but three kids on my own over dinner, bath and bed and I convince myself I deserve a drink !! )

Water - lots
exercise - the big 5km walk again and the baby aerobics that killed my thighs on Monday. Ryu loved it. Is really just whole lot of squats followed by some swaying thing and then lifting baby up over head a few times and repeat until song finishes.
Oh, also had big mouthful of the lemonade in the fridge - if I'm being honest about everything.

We have decided weigh in day will be every Friday and progress will be reported on the ticker at the bottom and on a weekly graph if I can be arsed.

Sweet dreams & skinny fabulous living to you all