Day 3 (Bryn)

Posted by Bryn Thursday, 3 June 2010
Jumping past Day 2, nothing spectacular to report.

Today was complete chaos, but I did okay.  Didn't resort to my usual coping mechanisms, which typically involves cheesy fiesta potatoes topped with sour cream from Taco Bell, washed down with a 32oz coke.  Followed by a bag of chips, probably a candy bar.......

B'fast:  1 SlimFast shake
Lunch:  1/2 grilled chicken sammy (plain, no cheese or mayo!) and 12oz coke
Din-din:  Healthy Choice single serving pizza (only 200 calories! but yum!), 1 glass of kool-aid

No real excercise, but clomped around all day in heels, up and down stairs all day, down the block and back several times for different meetings.  Quite a work out for the calves!

Only 1 soda again today!  But no water and no fruit.  I've seriously got to get serious!  I'll have nothing at all to show for tomorrow's weigh in!

1 Responses to Day 3 (Bryn)

  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Welcome!!

    That cheesy fiesta potato sounds so good. It must be hard with so any yummy places to eat from so close by. At least in Kunimi I don't really have that choice - doesn't stop me from buying the junk food snacks though :(

    We can do this though. Much more motivating with more people. Thanks for joining :)