Day 25

Posted by Bryn Friday, 25 June 2010
I'm thinking this first month will be a bust in the weight loss department, but I feel really good about my approach and the choices I'm making.  Nearly 4 weeks in, and I'm STILL motivated to keep going!  Normally, I would have given up about 21 days ago LOL but this time, it feels good, it feels right, it's not a struggle. I don't wake up everyday needing to convince myself to fight through another day of temptations and laziness, I'm not spending the better part of every morning talking myself out of a breakfast of 3 Bavarian Creme donuts and a 32 oz coke!  I actually look forward to my whole grain waffles!  I feel positive and am look forwarding to seeing what I can do over the next 12 weeks!

I've tried to implement some other good habits over the last 25 days, and I've done really well with those.  I started taking a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement every day, haven't missed even one.  I was prescribed Welbutrin (anit-depressant) back in November when shit blew sky high, but I never really took it, wasn't too sure I believed it would work, and I guess kind of didn't want to admit I might need a little pharmaceutical assistance to deal with the crap my life, but I haven't missed a dose in the last 25 days.

I also started moisterizing my face every night before bed, and applying a moisterizer w/ sunscreen every morning, haven't missed a day with that, though a few nights I've been too exhausted by the end of the day to even bother with washing my face, much less moisterizing! 

I know they're just small, inconsequential things, but they're all a part of the big picture, part of my "it's time to take care of ME" plan, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Thanks GW for getting me started!  The 4MC was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it!

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  1. Rachel Says:
  2. You're doing great! And you're right, it isn't just all about weight loss, you are making positive changes.

    I believe it's all about habits. You can get into bad ones, and you can into good ones too. A habit I'll never lose is that precious cup of tea! But others I've successfully changed include switching from chocolate for supper to an apple, from a sandwich for morning tea to fruit, and then to nothing at all, and the switch to using a bread and butter plate at dinner to keep my portions under control.

    I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your waffles. I really enjoy how I eat, I need to have those old favorites sometimes, but I really, really enjoy the wholegrains, the salads and the vegetables! It's like a whole new world of taste opens up when you move away from having to have everything either sweet, or salty/fatty.