Day 23

Posted by Bryn Wednesday, 23 June 2010
Still here!  Checking in everyday, but haven't had a chance to post.  My weekend (Sat - Mon) was crap foodwise, but was exactly what I needed!  Lily filled my stomache, and my heart, all weekend.  Got right back on track yesterday though.  Decent day today:  no excercise, but food, water and soda intake were okay.

Found some nice recipes for my skinless chicken breast, hoping some variety will keep me from getting bored and giving up.  Also got some small pork loin and a yummy marinade.  I know if I keep good food stocked up and easily accessible, I'll be more likely to stay on track.  Although getting rid of all the crap food/snacks in the house is a good idea, I know myself, and I know I'm not beyond a midnight run for a chocolate shake, with fries for dipping and a bacon-potatoe pie on the side.  I also know that the more deprived I feel, the more likely I am to lose complete control and binge, so I'm not even going to try that route, but I have been buying less out-right, no-bones-about-it crap, opting for less fattening, lower sugar snacks.

1 Responses to Day 23

  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. can't go totally cold turkey. Gotta keep our treats. Your weekend with the girls looked fabulous. Glad you are still getting on track though. Thought we might have lost you off the flummy to fabulous wagon!