Day 22/23

Posted by Gaijin Wife Wednesday, 23 June 2010
Yesterday was quite good. Did the big walk again. Ate wall, had the blueberry vinegar stuff, drunk lots of water.

Today has been OK. Had home made bacon and egg pie for dinner which must have topped the calorie scale but never mind. Made healthy choices for the rest of the day. Big walk again, lots of water, no beer...

Friday's weigh in might actually see me back on track - as in making up for the shit last two weekends. I doubt I have actually gotten lower than 84.0 this week. Sigh. Nevermind. Small steps are better than none at all.


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. YES small steps are better than none, and if you show no loss, at least you can say this week at least I didn't put any more weight ON!

  3. Ruth Says:
  4. Don't let the small steps discourage you! They're steps in the right direction and will add up to big steps in the end. The first few weeks always seem to be the hardest but I found after I'd lost about 5 or 6lbs I really didn't want to put it back on so I tried even harder and then when you get into double figures..... It takes time but you can do it!! (remember the old APU motto!)