Day 21 (Monday)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 22 June 2010
Tried really hard to be better.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite
Mid-morning - five plain crackers
Lunch - salad sammies and coffee from the shops which not so good but not as bad as the cheeseburger I REALLLLLLY wanted from maccas. Don't go to a town with maccas very often. I walked past it twice - even telling myself I may as well get one as as soon as I tried not to and walked out to the car I would just convince myself I should and come back. BUT, I didn't. Yay for me. Sarcastic Yay there. I soooo wanted it.

mid-afternoon - half cheese slice on half a piece of bread.
dinner - rice mince dish with cheese sauce, baby toms and cucumber.

Water - good amount
Coffee - three
Blueberry vinegar drink
Alcohol - NONE (yay for me. Real yay this time)
Exercise - was going to push kids to kindy in pram but it started raining so there went the exercise thing. I was then out of the house for three house taking the cat to the vets and stuff. Billy is still under the stairs.

I eat to many carbs but I love bread. If it's not in the house though...

1 Responses to Day 21 (Monday)

  1. Rachel Says:
  2. YAY! for you of course. It's not about not wanting it, you did a good job resisting it. I think we have to pat ourselves on the back for what we got RIGHT not concentrate too much on what went wrong.

    I loveloveLOVE bread too. It IS easier when it's not in the house. I get crappy supermarket bread for the kids, I'm not tempted to eat that much! And I've been buying the wholegrain bread from FBC. 50 calories a slice, and very filling. But I have to have a bakery pig-out at least once a week, usually Saturday lunch with the kids.