Day 2 (Gaijinwife)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Could have just about eaten my own arm by breakfast. Was up half the night with Ryu and awake with Shou at 5am. Breakfast at six. Still remembered to have my two glasses of water before anything else though.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite (no marge) and coffee.
Came home after meeting at Primary School and had two cups of REAL coffee and a banana
Lunch - piece of bread cut in two for a lettuce overload egg and tomato sammy.

Afternoon tea - tomato sammy (obviously cutting the bread in half for lunch sammy didn't cut the mustard) and a diet coke.
Later afternoon tea :) - apple
Dinner - medium bowl of cabernara bake with added veges.
One x Asahi beer (fuck it)

Water - about 1.5 liters. It seems the more water I drink the more I want - and the more I pee.
Exercise - 40 minute round trip walk with Ryu in the buggy.

Feeling OK but had some hungry patches and I had to exercise enormous amount of self control going down the chipppy and then the yummy bread aisle at the supermarket this arvo.


  1. Lulu Says:
  2. Good on your both! I wish you luck.

    I have a flummy but I weigh less than I did when I get pregnant- I certainly don`t look as good though.

    Time to break out the hula hoop again maybe. And stop eating chocolate.

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. Lulu - ooooh, i bought a plastic one after you posted about hoops ages back. It was too flimsy though. I need a proper one. I am absolutely shit but it is fun trying !!!

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. When I try to use a hula hoop my daughters just laugh at me and steal it. Well, that's my excuse for this week, anyway