Day 2 and 3 - Sun and Mon

Posted by f Monday, 7 June 2010
This semi self restraint is making me cranky. Poor husband :P

Sunday - Day 2
breakfast - 1 piece of toast with orange marmalade ,1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 2 spoons of baby yogurt (helping my daughter out ;)
lunch - french fries :( the only saving grace here is that they were oven baked rather than fried in oil, sandwich with lettuce, egg, cheese, avocado, leftover chicken from yesterday
dinner - prawn, squid, olive oil, shiso, chili pasta, 1 coffee with soy milk and two sugars
snacks - pumpkin seeds, 1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 1 glass of diet pepsi, half an apple, 2 glasses of water.

Exercise - messed around at home all day and my planned early evening hour long walk turned into a quick 20 min walk around the block.
Thoughts - disappointed with not doing enough exercise, and for the crap eaten, but tomorrow is a new day...except it wasn't. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. See below.

Monday - Day 3
breakfast -1 piece toast with blueberry jam, 1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 big glass of water
lunch - pita bread with tomato and cheese, pasta with tomato sauce, ice coffee
snacks - 1/2 apple, 2 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 5 deep fried shoyu rice things, 4 balanceup biscuits - cream cheese flavour, remainder of daughter's yogurt - these yogurts are tiny but still I don't need to eat it just cause it's there, big bottle of water
dinner - salad with chicken, cucumber, tomato, half an egg, broccoli, shiso dressing. 2 pieces of walnut bread.

Exercise - no exercise type exercise but was out all day so walked heaps. Also had to go to the embassy so pushed my 7.5 kg baby in a stroller up the hill to the embassy. That has to count for something, weight training at least.
Thoughts - I've cut back on some of the crap but still need to do more and need more exercise. I find it really hard to dedicate time to that. Find it hard to work that in with daughter's nap times, drinking times, playing times, etc. Actually, that might just be an excuse, I'm probably just too lazy and angsty to just get out there and walk. Hey, what's that Nike slogan? :P Lunch is usually simple, like a sandwich or something, but H invited us for lunch near his office so the restaurant pasta was a treat.

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  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. vigorous housework and pushing the pram, especially up hill, definitely count. Perhaps you could pop into the embassy a couple of times a day then :)