Day 17/Thursday

Posted by Rachel Friday, 18 June 2010
Usual breakfast, plus a square of baby cheese. Erica was so proud of herself, getting it out of the fridge and even opening it herself before giving it to me, I just had to eat it!

Lunch: bowl of miso soup, boiled egg, slice of wholegrain bread with marg, a big chunk of carrot and mushroom loaf

Afternoon tea: a senbei puffed cracker thing. A boiled egg

Dinner: a bowl of chicken, tomato and vegetable stew, 3 more snack senbei thingies, about 1/4 cup of rice.

Went to bed early, so no supper or dessert!

Weigh-in this morning, 77.7. Drat. I am hoping some of that is because I forgot to weigh-in until after my morning cuppa. That's about 200g of fluid, right? I hope... ??


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Definitely - a very heavy cup of tea.

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. It weighed at least a kilo, no kidding.