Day 16

Posted by Bryn Thursday, 17 June 2010
*Sigh*  After a crappy craptasic week, spent backing flipping off the wagon, belly crawling under the wagon, dragging wearily behind the wagon, I amd back on wagon today! 

Every bone in my body was telling me to STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALE this morning, but I knew I couldnt' avoid it forever.  Wasn't as horrible as I thought:  188 lbs.  That's what I lost during the first week, plus 1/2 lb.  Definitely expected it to be worse, so not feeling too down about it.

Grilled up some skinless chicken breasts for the coming week.  I'll use them for emergency meals when I don't have time to fix something proper.  Stocked up on my Slim Fast shakes and low cal microwave meals, put a new filter thingy in my faucet water filter, ready to get back on track!

1 Responses to Day 16

  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Great to hear you are back, and back on track!