Day 15

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 16 June 2010
I'm getting confused with numbers. I'm sure we started on May 31, which would make Tuesday the 15th Day 16, but heck, it's just easier if the date and day match so Day 15, the 15th it is!

Breakfast - the usual
Lunch - dreadful, absolutely dreadful. Leftover mashed potato fried in butter, with an egg. Plus one piece of shark with tartare sauce.
Snacks - two Lindor truffles
Snack 2 - muesli bar, a Tuesday regular
Dinner - stir fry with beef, onion, mushroom and cabbage; spinach with egg, three pieces of pumpkin

However, weight is down this morning so the weekend damage was not as bad after all. Now if I can just stay on track this weekend, next week's weigh-in might be really good.