Day 14 (Monday)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Not a great start after the absolute write-off of a weekend.

Breakfast - piece of cheese toast/french bread thing that had been bought for Sunday and forgotten about.
Morning Tea - mini kitkat and a piece of cheese
Lunch - another of the cheese toast things and a salad with lots of lettuce and cucumber and toms to make me feel like actually doing something good for body.
Afternoon Tea - mini kitkat and an ice coffee - I am terrible. If it is in the house I will eat it. I will seldom leave just to go and buy crisps or chocolate but I find it very hard to muster up the will power to stop myself eating what is only an arm's reach away. We don't have this kind of food in the house usually - party left overs.
Dinner - Big salad a one mini (as in the size of an oreo) katsu.

Water - 2 lts.
Coffee - 3 cups
Beer - one tall can. I was doing so well but then hub brought a can each home at half nine and ditto above. I have no asked him to only buy the one can so that I don't have a choice. I am not going to get in the car to go out specifically for one can of beer at 9pm at night.

My goal this week is to not drink - bar of course my birthday which is Thursday and my birthday night out with Chiemi which is Saturday. OK, so perhaps not the best week to declare going dry. Still, only have beverages on two nights is better than five.

Water, water, water.

exercise - Ryu and I did manage a 50 minute walk but we have since hit the rainy season and the walks will be out - which means actually having to exercise indoors which I find requires more motivation. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy - do you and your boot camp want to be fished out from under the stairs..???


  1. Michaela Says:
  2. Yeah, I partook in eating mini kitkats on Monday too. Heaps of them. Addictive.
    Bryn must be chowing down on prison food then. I am sooo jealous she has/ had access to Tacobell. Oz has TB not NZ though. It's cheap but good. Have you tried it?

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. Never tried Tacobell :(
    What is going on with Bryn? Is she seriously in trouble because of twat husband? Prison food and laps round the prison yard. She'll be skinny and fabulous in no time. Am worried though...