Day 12

Posted by Rachel Saturday, 12 June 2010
Breakfast - the usual

Lunch - leftover pork with sesame dressing and a few bits of buttered asparagus. A fried egg on wholegrain toast, no butter this time, and I did not miss it.

Afternoon tea - one small chocolate biscuit, a carrot.

Dinner - maybe 100g of chicken nuggets, homemade, crumbed. About half a cup of cheesy mashed potato, yes it's Friday, comfort food day! Lots of edamame.

Dessert - tiny ice cream, and I mean tiny, about an inch wide on a stick, one of those boxed ones where you get 12 for 368 yen or something like that. Half a biwa. Would have had more but the kids ate them as fast as I could cut them!

It felt worse than it looks, because I picked a lot while cooking! I like the nuggets fresh!

5 cups of tea, one canned coffee, random amounts of water.