Day 11

Posted by Rachel Friday, 11 June 2010
Thank God for the drop-down box suggesting titles or I'd totally forget what day it is!

77.3 kg, Yay!

Breakfast, the usual.

Lunch: left-over stir-fry (pork, mushroom, onion, cabbage) and the crusts from Erica's marmite sandwich. For some reason, bread crusts are SO much yummier when you are stealing them off someone else. She actually didn't eat the sandwich, but I didn't finish off the leftovers for once. Also one slice of fish sausage and one banana. No choc today as I rushed off to work, but I did have a can of coffee, hard to resist on work days as it's enough coffee to keep me awake, but doesn't make me pee as much as a cup of tea does!

Dinner: one small cake of tofu with soy sauce, katsuoboshi and ginger, About 1/4 c of shredded pork with sesame dressing, 2-3 asparagus spears stir-fried in butter, olive oil and black pepper, lettuce and daikon salad with aojiso dressing and a carrot.

Dessert: one apple. Erica went to sleep early last night, so I had a long night ahead of me with a lot of little chores to catch up on. Big temptation to eat! I had the apple early, then later when all the chores were done, I re-discovered herbal tea. I've been trying to discover herbal tea for quite some time, but I always miss my milky milk-tea too much.

Last night I made a little ritual out of it that felt nice and 'treated' - I found a tile trivet, kind of a pot stand made out of a floral ceramic tile, trimmed in gold. On that I put a cloth pot stand filled with herbs that lets off a scent when something hot is put on it. Then the teacup with the herb tea bag (lemon zinger) and a teaspoon with a little teapot-shaped bowl created precisely for the purpose of putting your used tea-bag on it. It was all very cute!


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. You wont be able to survive without your tea will you? I always think herbal tea sounds like a nice idea, buy some, drink about two and then revert back to normal tea!!

    Are you bringing that husband of yours on Sunday? Will he be driving?

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. No WAY can I survive without my milk tea! I also can't sleep if I drink tea after 6pm, so I can't have normal tea after then, hence the strenuous effort to discover the joys of herbal tea (after a failed attempt at Japanese 'fruit' teas, which I realized after a while were just kocha with fruit flavors, therefore WITH caffeine!)

    Am I bringing hubby, is he driving? I know what THAT means! I don't think so...he usually works until 1pm on Sunday, then has band practice, then radio show at 9pm. I was thinking of bringing some non-alcohol beer just to feel in the party spirit!