Day 11 (Friday)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 12 June 2010
Walk to the kindy again - am really like this time of the day.

Breakfast - vegemite on toast (with marge) and a banana.
Morning tea - had big sleep with Ryu so nothing.
Lunch - salad sammies and a coffee from the conbini.
Afternoon tea - five crackers with cream cheese and tomato.
Dinner - cheese toasty
Later - beer x 2 and some doritos - hub out on the lash with his office so I got all 'its not fair' and had my own party. Bad bad bad.

usual amount of water. three cups of coffee and a cup of tea. Took the kids to the park after kindy where we went for a walk, hopefully rolled some of my are off going down the roller slide about ten times and then the kids ONLY got a milkshake and I had a sip of each. I was so restrained. I probably would have gotten some takoyaki if there was any left though!! Lucky for me and my flum there wasn't.

Trying to be good today  - party day tomorrow.