Day 10 (stress)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Thursday, 10 June 2010
breakfast - had a meltdown this morning and ended up having a banana before I walked Shou to kindy followed by a piece of toast with marge (gasp) and vegemite when I got back from driving Marina to kindy.

morning tea - had an english class at the kindy after which Ryu and I did a few errands so I guess morning tea didn't happen.

Lunch - obento (again - naughty I know). Shared with Ryu.

Afternoon tea - Ryu and I napped. It was one of those days. Tried to have an apple but I bit into it and it was 'old' so chucked it. Had a grapefruit ice thing instead. need to buy more. Am getting used to the flavor and it takes quite a while to eat but is only 12 or 17 or whatever it is kcals.

Dinner - Plate of stew with not much rice and again Ryu demanding some of mine - after eating all of his own.

beverages - 1.5 lt of water, two coffees, a 160ml can of fanta and two beers.
exercise - round trip to kindy.

Overall an OK day I guess, bar the alcohol. Have had some recent stress with the kindy situation and I don't do well under stress. My resolve melts away. Hub bringing home beer doesn't help. Could be worse. I could be chucking back tequila shots at 10am. At least I am not munching as well - just before hub had some crisps AND some chocolate with his beer and I said no to both. Pat on my back. Whatever.

Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to famine until 5pm and weigh self then :)

Hope you are all doing better... but life's a bitch is it not??? Very hard to make healthy choices when life gets in the way.


  1. Corrina Says:
  2. Hi GW (and Rachel and Bryn)
    You guys are doing so great! I can't imagine how hard it must be exercise and eat healthy when you're so busy with kids / Mils / busy jobs.
    A really good workout that leaves you a sweaty mess and loses 170cal (aprox) in 20 min is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Love it!
    Also if you're curious about cal intake or joining supportive groups I recommend

    Yep, I'm trying to lose a flummy too, but mostly a big butt. All the stress weight went to my hips/butt and I look very out of proportion! I'm doing lower cals, more exercise (once my back mends) and... no end of day drink. I sympathise with you GW - it's so hard! Day 5 no shochu. ganbaru!

    Cheering you on from the sidelines,
    Corrina in Kagoshima

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. It IS hard to stay in control when you are under such a huge amount of stress, so I'll pat you on the back too! It could have been much, much worse.

    I don't think the bento is so bad, just make sure Ryu gets most of the rice! And choose one with a lot of veges and salads rather than fried stuff. You're doing great!