Bryn's Weigh-in (1/16)

Posted by Bryn Friday, 4 June 2010
186.2 lbs!!!!!  Woo hoo!  That's exactly 1.5 lbs!!!!!  I've really, really cut waaaaaay back on the fat and sugar, and reduce my portions.  I'm finding that eating smaller amounts, but eating more frequently through out the day really helps.  I'm also not eating after 6pm, but do have a glass of low-fat choc. milk before bed.

I did have 2 cokes today :(  But managed to get down 1.5 bottles of water (30 oz)  I'm limiting myself to 1 soda a day right now, but I think I'm going to make it rule that in addition to the amount of water I'm supposed to drink, I'll drink another 2 bottles for every 1 soda I drink beyond my alloted 1.

I did a brisk walk around the block this afternoon, but I'm not sure how far it is, think I'll do another round tonight to measure it.  I've got a cool pedometer app on my iPhone.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Yay - we're all on the down. I a shit with lbs but am thinking that is between half a kilo and a kilo somewhere??

    Good rule for the soda - that way you can have it if you drink shitloads of water and spend half the day on loo! I might do that with beer :)

    have a good weekend. Weekends are always hard :(

  3. Bryn Says:
  4. Had a bastardly massive shit-bastard run-in with the dumbest bastard in the history of bastardom. Trying everything possible to stay busy and not comfort myself into a chocolate coma. Dumb bastard.

  5. Gaijin Wife Says:
  6. stupid dumb fuckery fuck. Don't let him be the cause of chocolate coma. He doesn't deserve it. stay busy stay busy. back away from the pantry. and the fridge. and the sideboard. and the glovebox of the car. and... anywhere else chocolate might be hiding.

  7. Rachel Says:
  8. Congratulations Bryn!

    Well, aren't we all good!

    Don't let that dumb bastard win! The best revenge is fabulousness!

  9. Bryn Says:
  10. LOL GW, how'd you know where I keep my secret choco stash?

    OMG Rachel, I wrote that on my bathroom mirror tonight in hot pink lipstick! "The best revenge is a life well lived!" I like your version better though. Took myself on a 40 min speed walk tonight. Started pissing rain half way through, but it felt quite good! I was proud (and shocked!) that I actually chose EXCERCISE to blow off steam, instead of cake! LOL