A bit of History (Rachel)

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Height: 169cm
Weight: 78.2 kg this morning
BMI: 27.2 (overweight category)

High School weight: 58kg. I don't think it's realistic to aim for that!
Weight when I met hubby: 65kg. My goal. Would be happy with anything under 70.

Went to university, got a boyfriend, put on weight. Not sure how much, maybe to mid-70's or so.

Graduated, left boyfriend, went to Sydney to live with sister. Lost weight, due mostly to eating less. My sister has always been a good weight-watcher, eats what she likes mostly, but in sensible portions. Small meals, no seconds, no snacks, no late-night binges. Drank a lot, smoked too which helps weight loss.

Moved to Darwin, got boyfriend, got fat again. Lost job, spent a while on the dole cooking, and eating.

Moved to Japan, broke up with boyfriend, lost weight again. Almost daily swimming around 1000m, not much food at home, counted snacks I was given teaching English lessons as meals so I didn't eat too much. Mostly drank beer in the evenings! I called it my beer diet, lost nearly 25kg.

Met husband, had baby, put on baby weight. I didn't lose it after she was born, got pregnant again. Lost weight at first due to nausea, then totally got over the nausea and more than made up for it with chocolate in the final months. Put on loads of weight, never really lost it after she was born.

Third pregnancy, nausea caused me to lose weight again, this time it stayed with me through the whole pregnancy, but got milder. I went off sugar and fat and ate a very healthy diet. I felt fantastic. Weighed 6kg less after the birth than I had at the start of the pregnancy. Baby was born a very healthy 4kg.

Through continuing habits learned during that pregnancy (no snacking, late breakfast, smaller dinner, single plate of food eaten in one sitting) and a few others (only fruit or nuts for snacks, plenty of fluids), and breastfeeding, I lost a further 8-9kgs, for a low of just under 70kg before I went back to NZ in August 2008, where I promptly completely lost all control when confronted with PIES and pavs and other delicious NZ food.

It's crept up slowly since then, reaching a scary 80kg in April, prompting me to get back on track. So, I have a one-month head-start, but I go off the rails often!