No progress

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Bastard Flummy ain't a shifting. It has been a month and I am BACK WHERE I FUCKIN STARTED. Being realistic though I can't really be surprised with this result. Some things have changed but overall I obviously aren't changing enough. Oh well, have some 'better' habits to keep going with and hopefully a bit more getting my shit together and of course sweating a kilo off every day just because Japan is bastardly hot and hopefully July will bring some better results.

Yip, I definitely think July is the month people. I didn't take proper 'before' pictures until yesterday. I had family pics with me in them from before this started but yesterday I did the proper ones. Actually I got into some shorts to do core rhythms DVD, took picture, had a look, and just about vomited flummy out through mouth. Was D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.

Now all I need to do is blow it up to poster size and stick one in each room in the house.

Tuesday 29

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Breakfast: yogurt and raspberries, muesli

Lunch: leftover samosas. Would probably have eaten them all but luckily DH came home for lunch, and we shared, so I had 4. Plus egg and wholegrain toast, no butter. Dessert - the last six mint chips, now they are GONE. I'll just have to scrounge around the house looking for more chocolate now.

Afternoon tea: a banana, a muesli bar, a can of coffee. It's muesli bar day! They're nearly gone too, I'll have to consider whether I should get them again. Really I should make banana oatmeal bars or flapjacks, then I can SEE how much butter and sugar go into them, which makes me hesitate to eat so much!

Dinner: 2 pieces ginger pork, a serving of vegetable and pork stir-fry, half a piece of corn on the cob - no butter! a few edamames, a small serve of wakame, cucumber, and crab vinegared salad, a few pieces of kochi sashimi, a small glass of beer.


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I'm out of Bio yogurt, so I'm eating the kids' Bulgaria, but without the sugar added. And the raspberries of course. I REALLY wanted toast this morning, I find once I start on that yummy bread I don't want to stop! But I ate the muesli instead, and really enjoyed it. Ate it at the computer because DH was in the kitchen eating natto with raw egg, which puts me off as much I suppose as me eating soured secretions from cow's udders puts him off.

Lunch, leftover spinach pie and some pieces of pumpkin, and a piece of white bread. Not my usual leftover + salad + egg and toast, so I felt like searching for more and more food, but satisfied myself with Erica's leftovers!

Afternoon tea, three rice paper wraps with lettuce and a spoonful of samosa filling. Samosa filling and rice paper wraps do NOT go together, so I am looking for something else to fill them. Pesto maybe?

Dinner, the samosas, I had nine (they were made with gyouza wraps, so they were gyouza size) with a few pieces of pumpkin, and some tofu. How's the tofu going Bryn, converted yet?

Apple for dessert


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The weekend was so shit I aren't even going to tell you - except that on Saturday night hub and I had yakiniku and the meat was the most beautiful yumminess in the history of gaijinwife beaf eating. So good. And possibly quite lucky that there was only one packet - it did cost 1500 yen for ten bite size bits after all.

Didn't drink much water at all and exercise went out the window - even today. It was sooooo fricken muggy, which is no excuse really as I have stuff I can do with DVDs. but - just to make an excuse for not doing those - Ryu was up half the bloody night and we both napped this morning.

I was back up to 85.8 today which means the whole month was a complete waste of bollocks, although me thinks 1 kilo can be put down to the beef extravaganza on Saturday night and the other to... ummmmm.... arrrrggghhh....

that really heavy cup of tea??

Weekend (26-27)

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Mixed results on the planned weekend. I don't think I ate as much as I normally do on a weekend, but I'm back up to my magic number 77.7 again. Honestly, I had to laugh. How MUCH my body LOVES that weight! Hoping some of that is just bloat, and it'll go down because I was 76.7 on Saturday morning, and I'm pretty sure I didn't eat THAT much!

Normal breakfast on Saturday.

Then the planned lunch, 2 slices of camembert cheese bread and a sandwich with lettuce, cheese and marmite. I think I had chocolate in the afternoon, pretty sure I had something.

As promised I searched for interesting recipes to keep me interested in good food and not just pig out, and I found a recipe for a spinach pie and vegetable samosas. However, I left it too late to start cooking and the kids started getting hungry, so I gave them the pizzas I had set aside for Sunday night. I continued to cook while drinking wine, which is quite nice, but not as nice as when you have someone cooking and drinking wine with you! I had 3 pieces of pizza, but none of the ice cream I bought the kids.

Breakfast Sunday, as planned, 2 slices of wholegrain toast, then cheated with an extra slice of white.

Lunch, 2 slices of wholegrain toast with scrambled eggs, and boy was it delicious! I don't usually get scrambled eggs just right, it's so easy to over-do them, but I did it absolutely perfectly. I think I'll eat this every Sunday from now on!

Afternoon tea, more chocolate. Erica found my mint chocolate chips, and ate half of one, and busted another, so I ended up having four. Plus two truffles.

Dinner, the spinach pie from last night, plus extra white toast. It was very delicious BUT it had pastry and cream cheese in it, so I think I'll go back to mini-spinach souffles, which taste much the same without the extra calories. I made pesto to go in this, so I'll be searching for ways to eat pesto for the next week or two!

That leaves the vegetable samosa for tonight.

Dessert - apple and rhubarb crumble. Not my best crumble.

Friday 25

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Friday went pretty well, considering that for me, the weekend free-for-all often starts on Friday night!

Breakfast: yogurt and raspberries - I'm LOVING the raspberries. Neither the yogurt nor the raspberries have sugar added, so it's a rather sour mixture, but I like sour yogurt and I LOVE berries. Who was saying berries are the best fruit, because they have the least sugar? Was it one of you two? I'm guessing that this fact, and other nutritional benefits of berries are behind the blueberry vinegar thing.

Lunch: leftover chicken, ume and shisho rolls, broccoli with Italian dressing, egg on toast. Dessert - six mint chips.

Afternoon tea, half a custard fish, half a carrot.

Dinner: tofu steak with mushroom sauce(made with yogurt, as I didn't have any cream, but it was a good idea! Masked its flavor with wine, soy sauce and loads of black pepper), Japanese-style simmered pumpkin, bowl of miso soup with potato, carrot and onion.

Weighed in at 76.7 this morning, I will be keeping an eye on that this weekend, I don't aim to lose any more, but I DON'T want to gain any extra this weekend too. With that aim in mind, I have a plan, I have decided to have bread for lunch today, to quell that craving, and to cook a special, new recipe tonight that will keep me interested, without having to pig-out. I haven't decided what that is yet, I will look through a recipe book in a moment. Tomorrow's breakfast will be marmite on toast, I need that at least once a week, lunch will be salads and scrambled eggs, dinner, since DH is going to a concert, will be pizza and rhubard crumble, my weekly treat. I am leaving it to the end so it won't precipitate a blow-out.

Day 25

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I'm thinking this first month will be a bust in the weight loss department, but I feel really good about my approach and the choices I'm making.  Nearly 4 weeks in, and I'm STILL motivated to keep going!  Normally, I would have given up about 21 days ago LOL but this time, it feels good, it feels right, it's not a struggle. I don't wake up everyday needing to convince myself to fight through another day of temptations and laziness, I'm not spending the better part of every morning talking myself out of a breakfast of 3 Bavarian Creme donuts and a 32 oz coke!  I actually look forward to my whole grain waffles!  I feel positive and am look forwarding to seeing what I can do over the next 12 weeks!

I've tried to implement some other good habits over the last 25 days, and I've done really well with those.  I started taking a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement every day, haven't missed even one.  I was prescribed Welbutrin (anit-depressant) back in November when shit blew sky high, but I never really took it, wasn't too sure I believed it would work, and I guess kind of didn't want to admit I might need a little pharmaceutical assistance to deal with the crap my life, but I haven't missed a dose in the last 25 days.

I also started moisterizing my face every night before bed, and applying a moisterizer w/ sunscreen every morning, haven't missed a day with that, though a few nights I've been too exhausted by the end of the day to even bother with washing my face, much less moisterizing! 

I know they're just small, inconsequential things, but they're all a part of the big picture, part of my "it's time to take care of ME" plan, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Thanks GW for getting me started!  The 4MC was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it!

76.9, very happy to see that 6!

Now the challenge is to not undo it over the weekend. Once again I have a plan in place that involves some treats - rhubarb crumble!! But I won't let go for the WHOLE WEEKEND!

Breakfast - yay! got my muesli back. Yogurt with raspberries today . Frozen ones, which was a bit sad because in this season we should be swimming in berries, it's so sad Japan only has fresh strawberries. They were utterly delicious though.

Lunch - tofu again, salad again, egg and toast again.

Afternoon tea - one third of one slice of banana/walnut/oatmeal bread loaf thing I made yesterday, man it is SO good!! But there was only a little bit left and I had to share it, so I couldn't pig out too much.

Dinner - didn't do the stir-fry, instead I wrapped slices of chicken breast around ume and shiso. Plus some fried rice, I don't usually have carbs at dinner time, but there was nothing else! Plus about six pieces of broccoli with mayonnaise and soy sauce.

Supper - one apple

Weigh in 4/16

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Wow! I wasn't expecting to see that 3 today. I really don't feel like I have been 'dieting' so to speak and I guess if I had been I would probably be seeing bigger changes. Must be the small things - more water, less alcohol, more exercise and less munching. Being more conscious of what I eat and when I eat it. Not wanting to go out and buy cake in case you guys virtually come and cyber kick my ass. All good. If I was trying to do this on my own I wouldn't be so thank you.

Wednesday - good day really. 
Piece of toast for breakfast and a salad and piece of pizza toast out with Chiemi for lunch. I think we had yakisoba for dinner and in between there was a bowl of edamame, a banana and some of that blueberry vinegar. Coffee of course and NO alcohol. Water - yes. 

Thursday - toast, shared obento with Ryu for lunch and Cream stew and spinach stuff for dinner. 2 beers which I wasn't thinking would be had - I had had SUCH a good day food and exercise wise and I came back from my English class at 9pm and see that hub had gone out with Shou and got a couple :( If it's there..... I still have trouble stopping myself even though it was the night before weigh-in. Imagine, if I hadn't hose two really heavy beers I might have weighed in at 79 this morning!! How cool would that have been.

Hope you guys are doing OK. At this baby steps rate of 2kg a month I will still be another 6kgs lighter at the end of it all. And 8kg lighter might nearly be a dress size??

Do you tofu?

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Rachel, I know you do, so point me in the right direction.  I've heard it's pretty awesome stuff, low cal, low/no fat, lots of protein, very versatile.  But when I decided to buy some at the Japanese grocery.....crap!  Even if the packaging were written in a language I could actually read, there were so many different kinds!  How do you know what's what?  What is what?  Where do I start?  Keep in mind, I'm not culinarily inclined, so I need to start out easy (but yummy!).


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woops, I forgot Tuesday!

Breakfast, rhubarb and muesli, lunch was bought salads - one renkon, shiitake and konyaku, one harusame with egg, carrot, etc and a vinegar dressing, plus two boiled eggs. Dinner was steak! I was SOOOO out of energy, I just wanted energy food. So, a steak (Aussie, lean steak) with a garlic and mushroom sauce, an an omelet, and green salad.

Breakfast, I'm having trouble remembering, did I forget to eat breakfast? Surely not! Probably had cereal again...

Morning tea, boiled egg, cup off coffee with creamer and sugar.

Lunch, cake of tofu, egg on toast (no butter) salad with Italian dressing

Afternoon tea, a slice of banana/oatmeal/walnut bread.

Dinner, small bowl of spaghetti bolognese. It was the girls's turn to cook again!

Not bad, but a few extras thrown in I didn't really need. That banana bread was SOOOO good though!

Day 22/23

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Yesterday was quite good. Did the big walk again. Ate wall, had the blueberry vinegar stuff, drunk lots of water.

Today has been OK. Had home made bacon and egg pie for dinner which must have topped the calorie scale but never mind. Made healthy choices for the rest of the day. Big walk again, lots of water, no beer...

Friday's weigh in might actually see me back on track - as in making up for the shit last two weekends. I doubt I have actually gotten lower than 84.0 this week. Sigh. Nevermind. Small steps are better than none at all.

Day 23

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Still here!  Checking in everyday, but haven't had a chance to post.  My weekend (Sat - Mon) was crap foodwise, but was exactly what I needed!  Lily filled my stomache, and my heart, all weekend.  Got right back on track yesterday though.  Decent day today:  no excercise, but food, water and soda intake were okay.

Found some nice recipes for my skinless chicken breast, hoping some variety will keep me from getting bored and giving up.  Also got some small pork loin and a yummy marinade.  I know if I keep good food stocked up and easily accessible, I'll be more likely to stay on track.  Although getting rid of all the crap food/snacks in the house is a good idea, I know myself, and I know I'm not beyond a midnight run for a chocolate shake, with fries for dipping and a bacon-potatoe pie on the side.  I also know that the more deprived I feel, the more likely I am to lose complete control and binge, so I'm not even going to try that route, but I have been buying less out-right, no-bones-about-it crap, opting for less fattening, lower sugar snacks.

Day 21 (Monday)

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Tried really hard to be better.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite
Mid-morning - five plain crackers
Lunch - salad sammies and coffee from the shops which not so good but not as bad as the cheeseburger I REALLLLLLY wanted from maccas. Don't go to a town with maccas very often. I walked past it twice - even telling myself I may as well get one as as soon as I tried not to and walked out to the car I would just convince myself I should and come back. BUT, I didn't. Yay for me. Sarcastic Yay there. I soooo wanted it.

mid-afternoon - half cheese slice on half a piece of bread.
dinner - rice mince dish with cheese sauce, baby toms and cucumber.

Water - good amount
Coffee - three
Blueberry vinegar drink
Alcohol - NONE (yay for me. Real yay this time)
Exercise - was going to push kids to kindy in pram but it started raining so there went the exercise thing. I was then out of the house for three house taking the cat to the vets and stuff. Billy is still under the stairs.

I eat to many carbs but I love bread. If it's not in the house though...

Monday 21

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Three weeks, and nothing to show for it. Well, just have to get back on the damn wagon again.

Breakfast - mixed cereal with rhubarb again. I'm worried about that because it's the commercial high-sugar cereals. I really must get around to toasting some more muesli.

Lunch - piece of wholegrain bread with marg, a serving of vegetable tagine

Dinner - tired so I bought dinner. chicken salad, cucumber and wakame salad, half a grilled fillet of mackerel, a tempura ham and egg. (weird thing I got in the supermarket - a slice of ham held around en agg with a piece of seaweed, the whole thing dipped in tempura batter and lightly deep-friend. Probably horribly calorific!)

A few chocs after lunch, a sweet yogurt for dessert.


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The weekend was horrendous - drinking on Saturday night with deep fried cheese and other notoriously bad diet foods! Sunday the kids were testing as per usual and I don't think healthy eating even crossed my mind. I was trying to go for no alcohol in the evening but couldn't do it.

Something needs to shift. I put on a kilo over the weekend so getting down to the 83s for weigh day this week looks like an impossibility.

Can somebody please just come and liposuck my flummy and thighs away?

Why hasn't someone invented an easy fatty fix yet? Guess the diet industry bans it.

Have started drinking this blueberry vinegar stuff today. Apparently vinegar  helps the fat that is there unstick from the side of the walls and helps prevent new fat from taking up residence.

Right, might go have me another swig of that then.

Hope you lot are doing better.

The Weekend

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Saturday breakfast: 2 slices wholegrain toast with butter and marmite
Lunch: Sandwich with marmite, cheese and lettuce, 1&1/2 slices of camembert bread
Dinner: about six cheese sausages, fried egg and 2 slices wholegrain bread, vietnamese rolls, yogurt with chocolate blueberries AND white chocolate chips.
Also had a coffee ice, and a small ice cream during the day, and a banana I think

Sunday, breakfast mixed cereals with rhubarb. Freshly made rhubarb, I used less sugar this time, it's much yummier you can really taste the rhubarb!
Lunch: We ate out for Father's Day at Kisha Poppo, I had a huge teishoku with tempura, a special kind of rice steamed with seasonal vegetables that the restaurant is famous for, some sashimi, chawan-mushi, and miso soup. And a custard purin-flavoured soft-cream which was delicious!!!!
Dinner: a few slices of sashimi, a small salad and 2 cans of beer. Well, I kept my promise to have a salad on Sunday night!

Overall, too much bread, ice-cream, chocolate, and snacks. I put it all back on again! Back to square one.

Friday 18

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NOT the usual breakfast, since I am out of muesli. Had commercial granola mixed with puffed soy bean granola (MUCH yummier than it sounds) and bran flakes (too yummy, I think they must have loads of sugar) mixed with rhurarb. Bought more rhurbarb, over-cooked it again, grr!

Lunch - went out for lunch with an old friend. Pizza - four slices, small slices, but still, pizza! Then a very yummy so probably very calorific mocha.

Afternoon tea: some more of these basil snack things, a few spicy cheese flavored jagariko (new flavor, had to try it) and a handful of 'cheese france' slices of dried bread with cheese masquerading as potato chips, they looked nice, would go well with tomato soup, I thought, then I looked at the ingredient list, and it was about a mile long and full of bizarre things, so I think I won't buy those anymore, I'll just get a baguette and a block of camembert and do it myself, much yummier too!

Dessert, a BIG handful of chocolate-covered blueberries and a pottle of BIO yogurt. I think I also ate the last truffle, or that might have been Thursday.

Back on track today, which is hard, cos it's Saturday, but I have already made plans for dinner - bought salads already.

Weigh in 3/16

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Miracle really. I should have put on a kilo this week what with all the cake and bubbles consumed. Guess I made it up 'riding the stallion'.

I really do need to get back on track though. When we started this I was hopping for one kilo a week. I can feel myself slipping. It's not good.

Yesterday was quite good - before the birthday cake, champers and beer. Today also not too bad but I aren't drinking as much water these past couple of days.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ...

Day 17/Thursday

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Usual breakfast, plus a square of baby cheese. Erica was so proud of herself, getting it out of the fridge and even opening it herself before giving it to me, I just had to eat it!

Lunch: bowl of miso soup, boiled egg, slice of wholegrain bread with marg, a big chunk of carrot and mushroom loaf

Afternoon tea: a senbei puffed cracker thing. A boiled egg

Dinner: a bowl of chicken, tomato and vegetable stew, 3 more snack senbei thingies, about 1/4 cup of rice.

Went to bed early, so no supper or dessert!

Weigh-in this morning, 77.7. Drat. I am hoping some of that is because I forgot to weigh-in until after my morning cuppa. That's about 200g of fluid, right? I hope... ??

Birthday Post

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Pretty good. The usually walk, lots of water, good eating and I was so ready to go bed when hub brought home beer and I had just found out about the pachinko lying thing so I relented.

Fuck it.


I woke up at 84.0kg which is anything short of a miracle. Tomorrow morning I will not be this. Today has been a bit all over the place. We have had cake, and bread, and beer, and bubbles.

But who cares - birthday's are joyous occasions after all :)


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Day 16

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*Sigh*  After a crappy craptasic week, spent backing flipping off the wagon, belly crawling under the wagon, dragging wearily behind the wagon, I amd back on wagon today! 

Every bone in my body was telling me to STAY AWAY FROM THE SCALE this morning, but I knew I couldnt' avoid it forever.  Wasn't as horrible as I thought:  188 lbs.  That's what I lost during the first week, plus 1/2 lb.  Definitely expected it to be worse, so not feeling too down about it.

Grilled up some skinless chicken breasts for the coming week.  I'll use them for emergency meals when I don't have time to fix something proper.  Stocked up on my Slim Fast shakes and low cal microwave meals, put a new filter thingy in my faucet water filter, ready to get back on track!

Day 16

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Breakfast - same
Lunch - leftover beef stir-fry from Tuesday night, 3 pieces of pumpkin, about 1/4 cup spinach with shoyu and sesame seeds. 2 truffles
Snack - handful of almonds. About twice as many as you're supposed to have!
Dinnner - six corn fritters, plus one I taste-tested! Big bowl of miso soup with tofu, aburage and potato
Supper - one apple, one banana. Stayed up late so I needed the extra!

About seven cups of tea!!!

Day 15

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I'm getting confused with numbers. I'm sure we started on May 31, which would make Tuesday the 15th Day 16, but heck, it's just easier if the date and day match so Day 15, the 15th it is!

Breakfast - the usual
Lunch - dreadful, absolutely dreadful. Leftover mashed potato fried in butter, with an egg. Plus one piece of shark with tartare sauce.
Snacks - two Lindor truffles
Snack 2 - muesli bar, a Tuesday regular
Dinner - stir fry with beef, onion, mushroom and cabbage; spinach with egg, three pieces of pumpkin

However, weight is down this morning so the weekend damage was not as bad after all. Now if I can just stay on track this weekend, next week's weigh-in might be really good.

Day 14 (Monday)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 15 June 2010 2 comments

Not a great start after the absolute write-off of a weekend.

Breakfast - piece of cheese toast/french bread thing that had been bought for Sunday and forgotten about.
Morning Tea - mini kitkat and a piece of cheese
Lunch - another of the cheese toast things and a salad with lots of lettuce and cucumber and toms to make me feel like actually doing something good for body.
Afternoon Tea - mini kitkat and an ice coffee - I am terrible. If it is in the house I will eat it. I will seldom leave just to go and buy crisps or chocolate but I find it very hard to muster up the will power to stop myself eating what is only an arm's reach away. We don't have this kind of food in the house usually - party left overs.
Dinner - Big salad a one mini (as in the size of an oreo) katsu.

Water - 2 lts.
Coffee - 3 cups
Beer - one tall can. I was doing so well but then hub brought a can each home at half nine and ditto above. I have no asked him to only buy the one can so that I don't have a choice. I am not going to get in the car to go out specifically for one can of beer at 9pm at night.

My goal this week is to not drink - bar of course my birthday which is Thursday and my birthday night out with Chiemi which is Saturday. OK, so perhaps not the best week to declare going dry. Still, only have beverages on two nights is better than five.

Water, water, water.

exercise - Ryu and I did manage a 50 minute walk but we have since hit the rainy season and the walks will be out - which means actually having to exercise indoors which I find requires more motivation. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy - do you and your boot camp want to be fished out from under the stairs..???

Day 15 (Monday 14)

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Two weeks, and not showing much of an overall difference as all my good work gets undone at the weekends, sigh.

I am going to have to come up with a plan of action for weekends, perhaps by planning exactly what I am going to eat, treats included, but kept to a minimum.

Breakfast - The usual breakfast
Lunch - small piece of tuna cooked in oil and butter, 2-3 tiny bits of squid. A cheese, marmite and lettuce sandwich
Dessert - the last Bailey's chocolate, 2 Lindt truffles and 6 squares of crunky. Oops, choc attack!
Dinner - another oops! FISH 'N' CHIPS! See my blog post. And a tiny ice cream.

Days 13-14

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Which consisted of yummy things like marmite on toast, okonomiyaki for lunch (not that bad actually), a dreadful Saturday night dinner of cheese toasted sandwiches and chocolate and nut-coated bananas, and a Sunday that is just unmentionable.


Posted by Gaijin Wife Sunday, 13 June 2010 1 comments

Absolute write-off and I claim immunity for the whole thing.

Day 12

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Breakfast - the usual

Lunch - leftover pork with sesame dressing and a few bits of buttered asparagus. A fried egg on wholegrain toast, no butter this time, and I did not miss it.

Afternoon tea - one small chocolate biscuit, a carrot.

Dinner - maybe 100g of chicken nuggets, homemade, crumbed. About half a cup of cheesy mashed potato, yes it's Friday, comfort food day! Lots of edamame.

Dessert - tiny ice cream, and I mean tiny, about an inch wide on a stick, one of those boxed ones where you get 12 for 368 yen or something like that. Half a biwa. Would have had more but the kids ate them as fast as I could cut them!

It felt worse than it looks, because I picked a lot while cooking! I like the nuggets fresh!

5 cups of tea, one canned coffee, random amounts of water.

Day 11 (Friday)

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Walk to the kindy again - am really like this time of the day.

Breakfast - vegemite on toast (with marge) and a banana.
Morning tea - had big sleep with Ryu so nothing.
Lunch - salad sammies and a coffee from the conbini.
Afternoon tea - five crackers with cream cheese and tomato.
Dinner - cheese toasty
Later - beer x 2 and some doritos - hub out on the lash with his office so I got all 'its not fair' and had my own party. Bad bad bad.

usual amount of water. three cups of coffee and a cup of tea. Took the kids to the park after kindy where we went for a walk, hopefully rolled some of my are off going down the roller slide about ten times and then the kids ONLY got a milkshake and I had a sip of each. I was so restrained. I probably would have gotten some takoyaki if there was any left though!! Lucky for me and my flum there wasn't.

Trying to be good today  - party day tomorrow.

Day 10

Posted by Bryn Friday, 11 June 2010 2 comments

I made the executive decision to weigh only once every two weeks.  I know how disappointed I'll be if I haven't lost, and disappointment turns to discouragement, which turns to "Oh well, I'm obviously just meant to be fat, so let's have cake!"  Plus, I'm really trying to make this about healthy choices and healthy living, the weight loss is just a bonus.

Even just 5 minutes of planks got me sore arms, abs and thighs!!!  You're supposed to do 3 - 5 reps, holding each plank for 20 - 60 seconds.  I struggled to hold for 20, but even that was enough for me to feel it the next day.

Did okay on Day 10 (I think I'm a day behind R and GW, did you start May 31, or June 1?) w/ Slim Fast shake for brekky, potatoe soup for lunch, grilled chicken breast for din, no snacks, 2 cokes, but no water and only 5 minutes of planks.

Day 11

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Thank God for the drop-down box suggesting titles or I'd totally forget what day it is!

77.3 kg, Yay!

Breakfast, the usual.

Lunch: left-over stir-fry (pork, mushroom, onion, cabbage) and the crusts from Erica's marmite sandwich. For some reason, bread crusts are SO much yummier when you are stealing them off someone else. She actually didn't eat the sandwich, but I didn't finish off the leftovers for once. Also one slice of fish sausage and one banana. No choc today as I rushed off to work, but I did have a can of coffee, hard to resist on work days as it's enough coffee to keep me awake, but doesn't make me pee as much as a cup of tea does!

Dinner: one small cake of tofu with soy sauce, katsuoboshi and ginger, About 1/4 c of shredded pork with sesame dressing, 2-3 asparagus spears stir-fried in butter, olive oil and black pepper, lettuce and daikon salad with aojiso dressing and a carrot.

Dessert: one apple. Erica went to sleep early last night, so I had a long night ahead of me with a lot of little chores to catch up on. Big temptation to eat! I had the apple early, then later when all the chores were done, I re-discovered herbal tea. I've been trying to discover herbal tea for quite some time, but I always miss my milky milk-tea too much.

Last night I made a little ritual out of it that felt nice and 'treated' - I found a tile trivet, kind of a pot stand made out of a floral ceramic tile, trimmed in gold. On that I put a cloth pot stand filled with herbs that lets off a scent when something hot is put on it. Then the teacup with the herb tea bag (lemon zinger) and a teaspoon with a little teapot-shaped bowl created precisely for the purpose of putting your used tea-bag on it. It was all very cute!

Weigh in 2/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife 1 comments


Down 600g since last week but not deserving big purple lettering!

It has been a bit of a shit week. That said making the healthy choice is getting easier - really in my case this means not choosing to eat a,b and c, during the day. Not buying that piece of cheesy bread at the shop on the way somewhere. Have also been drinking lots more water than usual and that is getting easier too. Quite often I find myself heading to the fridge for water when in days of old I would have gotten food. Exercise has been going well thanks to the kindy being a good distance away.

Still too much drinking. So that is what I plan on working on this week. I have to be good tomorrow as Sunday is Shou's party and there will be cake and deep fried cheesy sticks of goodness. It is my birthday on Thursday (Shou's too) so me thinks a drink of bubbles to celebrate my 34 years and not having to spend it giving birth or breast feeding this year. Some bubbles wont break the diet bank though if I am sensible during the day and not having the drink with munchies...

OK, so maybe just a couple of cheese and crackers.

Can't starve the birthday girl after all.


Day 10 (stress)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Thursday, 10 June 2010 2 comments

breakfast - had a meltdown this morning and ended up having a banana before I walked Shou to kindy followed by a piece of toast with marge (gasp) and vegemite when I got back from driving Marina to kindy.

morning tea - had an english class at the kindy after which Ryu and I did a few errands so I guess morning tea didn't happen.

Lunch - obento (again - naughty I know). Shared with Ryu.

Afternoon tea - Ryu and I napped. It was one of those days. Tried to have an apple but I bit into it and it was 'old' so chucked it. Had a grapefruit ice thing instead. need to buy more. Am getting used to the flavor and it takes quite a while to eat but is only 12 or 17 or whatever it is kcals.

Dinner - Plate of stew with not much rice and again Ryu demanding some of mine - after eating all of his own.

beverages - 1.5 lt of water, two coffees, a 160ml can of fanta and two beers.
exercise - round trip to kindy.

Overall an OK day I guess, bar the alcohol. Have had some recent stress with the kindy situation and I don't do well under stress. My resolve melts away. Hub bringing home beer doesn't help. Could be worse. I could be chucking back tequila shots at 10am. At least I am not munching as well - just before hub had some crisps AND some chocolate with his beer and I said no to both. Pat on my back. Whatever.

Not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to famine until 5pm and weigh self then :)

Hope you are all doing better... but life's a bitch is it not??? Very hard to make healthy choices when life gets in the way.

Day 10

Posted by Rachel 2 comments

Breakfast: yogurt, rhubarb, muesli. One banana

I think Bryn asked about the muesli? It's like granola without the honey. Traditionally it's raw; raw oatmeal, wheat, bran, etc, with dried fruit and nuts. I sometimes have it this way with stewed apples and hot water, for a kind of porridge. It can be more or less calorific depending on added sugar, and the amount of fruit and nuts in it. The one I make at the moment is toasted with honey, but still much less than in store-bought granola. The recipe has oatmeal, bran flakes, weetbix, wheat germ and nuts toasted with brown sugar and honey, then I add Turkish apricots and dried fruit.

Lunch: 2 bowls of tomato soup, with grated cheese this time. I was giving it to Erica and couldn't resist! I was going to have it with a piece of naan I had in the freezer, but when Erica saw the naan she said 'pizza' so I made her a mini pizza with the soup and cheese on the naan - which she ate only a few mouthfuls of, so of course I had to have the leftovers, plus the slice of bread I had with my soup. Too much cheese, which I love!

Dessert: one Bailey's chocolate, one Lindor hazelnut truffle

Afternoon tea: a handful of cashews

Dinner: pork, shiitake, onion, cabbage and broccoli stir-fry, with a one-egg omelet.

Dessert: I was feeling a bit out of sorts yesterday, and actually gave myself permission to eat the rest of the chocolate, after the kids were asleep. However, when I got back down, and after I finished a bit of tidying I had to do, I actually didn't feel like eating chocolate which is like, a miracle. I ate an apple instead. I am very pleased about this as it means I have really solidified the habit of NOT eating chocolate after dinner, and only wanting a piece of fruit. I hope.

Exercise: if sorting the approximately 1000 tiny pieces of toys from the toy closet counts - I did get a sore tummy from all the reaching and twisting, but I think all that shows is how dreadfully weak my core is, and the more work I have to do!

Could have been WEIGH worse!

Posted by Bryn Wednesday, 9 June 2010 2 comments

Had a damn crap day emotionally, the type of day that would normally involve copious amounts of ice cream, pie, chips, pizza to cope.  But I did okay.  I'm discovering that a good, loud, messy blubber under the covers is nearly as comforting a double cheeseburger with large fries!  Who knew?  So, while I did still do quite a bit of comfort eating, I made sure it was all low-fat and/or healthy stuff like lite popcorn, grapes, granola bar.  B'fast was my usual waffles, lunch a Slim Fast shake, and for dinner fried rice.  Had 3 cokes today, and no water :(  Took a 20 min powerwalk tonight and did 5 min of planks.

Day 9

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Not too bad I guess - but then hub isn't home yet and he might waltz in with a beer and my resolve is torn so I will probably give in. Sigh.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegetate and half a banana
Morning tea - Too busy making railway crossing for Shou's birthday cake
lunch - obento from the supermarket shared with Ryu - which sounds silly cause how much can a 1 year old eat?? Ryu can eat all the spag that came with the hamburger pattie, a couple of mouthfuls of hamburger and one third of the rice.
Afternoon tea - apple and half a diet coke
Dinner - mince and rice lasagna dish and a piece of bread.
Now - crushed grapefruit ice thing worth 12 kcal.

water - about 1.5 lts.
tea and coffee - three cups
exercise - round trip to the kindy 

Not too bad and if I could only get into bed without having anything else there might be hope for the scales on Friday!

Day 9

Posted by Rachel 0 comments

The usual breakfast

About 5 cups of tea

Lunch: one slice wholegrain toast, butter again (forgot again that I don't have butter on that toast!), fried egg (should really switch to boiled or poached, but it takes longer) a few pieces of bacon and pork, 2 squares of crunky choc and two Lindor hazelnut truffles that my friends brought me as a souvenir!

Afternoon tea: muesli bar, I know, too much sugar, but I'm trying to get through the mammoth package I got from flying pig. I need it today because I run late on a Tuesday, so I need something at 4pm to keep me going until dinner, which is not until about 8pm. And a canned coffee, because I was feeling stressed and PMSy and mad at the world for no particular reason.

Dinner: I had vague ideas about the pork cutlets I bought cheap last week - stirfry? shredded with a sesame sauce? then my student said she was having tomato soup for dinner, and suddenly I HAD to have tomato soup, with parmesan cheese and french bread. So I stopped by the supermarket on the way home for cans of tomatoes, and mixed it with chicken stock and some frozen onion and mushroom soups I had in the freezer, and added salt and sugar and black pepper and basil and made a super soup! So I had 3 soup ladles of that with 2 slices of french bread, about 1T of parmesan and three cheese sausages, some moore leftover pork, 4-5 broccoli florets (with a tiny bit of mayo and soy sauce).

Dessert: pottle of strawberry yogurt, closer to purin than yogurt on the sugar scale, I think, but exacltly 66 calories. One BAILEYS chocolate!! I HAD to buy these when I saw them, and while they are not as delicious as real Bailey's, they were really good. I have two leftover for today. I'm being a bit of chocolate fiend this week.


Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 8 June 2010 2 comments

Better than yesterday and the weekend  -  for sure.

Breakfast - banana
Morning tea - conbini coffee
lunch - sushi (8 plates!!! - but Ryu had the rice off two plates full) .
Afternoon tea - apple
Dinner - spaghetti (nepolitan)
Later - 2 beers.

water - 1.5 ltrs
exercise - the hour round trip to the kindy and back pushing the kids.

Something drastic will have to happen tomorrow and Thursday if I am to lose even 200grams this week :(


Weigh better day!

Posted by Bryn 2 comments

Had a much better day today!!!  Got my two servings of fruit, only one soda, and 2 bottles of water.  Did a few (very few, but better than none!) minutes of planks and a 5km bike ride this evening.

B'fast - whole grain waffles w/ lite syrup, low fat p'nut butter and sliced banana
Snack - 30-ish grapes (the amount that equals 1 serving of fruit)
Lunch - Slim Fast shake
Dinner - 1 slice of 200 cal. pizza and 1 coke
Snack - bowl of cereal w/ low-fat milk

My motto for this challenge is definitely "Something is better than nothing!"

Day 2 and 3 - Sun and Mon

Posted by f Monday, 7 June 2010 1 comments

This semi self restraint is making me cranky. Poor husband :P

Sunday - Day 2
breakfast - 1 piece of toast with orange marmalade ,1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 2 spoons of baby yogurt (helping my daughter out ;)
lunch - french fries :( the only saving grace here is that they were oven baked rather than fried in oil, sandwich with lettuce, egg, cheese, avocado, leftover chicken from yesterday
dinner - prawn, squid, olive oil, shiso, chili pasta, 1 coffee with soy milk and two sugars
snacks - pumpkin seeds, 1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 1 glass of diet pepsi, half an apple, 2 glasses of water.

Exercise - messed around at home all day and my planned early evening hour long walk turned into a quick 20 min walk around the block.
Thoughts - disappointed with not doing enough exercise, and for the crap eaten, but tomorrow is a new day...except it wasn't. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. See below.

Monday - Day 3
breakfast -1 piece toast with blueberry jam, 1 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 big glass of water
lunch - pita bread with tomato and cheese, pasta with tomato sauce, ice coffee
snacks - 1/2 apple, 2 coffee with soy milk and 2 sugars, 5 deep fried shoyu rice things, 4 balanceup biscuits - cream cheese flavour, remainder of daughter's yogurt - these yogurts are tiny but still I don't need to eat it just cause it's there, big bottle of water
dinner - salad with chicken, cucumber, tomato, half an egg, broccoli, shiso dressing. 2 pieces of walnut bread.

Exercise - no exercise type exercise but was out all day so walked heaps. Also had to go to the embassy so pushed my 7.5 kg baby in a stroller up the hill to the embassy. That has to count for something, weight training at least.
Thoughts - I've cut back on some of the crap but still need to do more and need more exercise. I find it really hard to dedicate time to that. Find it hard to work that in with daughter's nap times, drinking times, playing times, etc. Actually, that might just be an excuse, I'm probably just too lazy and angsty to just get out there and walk. Hey, what's that Nike slogan? :P Lunch is usually simple, like a sandwich or something, but H invited us for lunch near his office so the restaurant pasta was a treat.


Posted by Bryn 2 comments

Okay, so obviously weekends are not a strong point for any of us!! 

I really planned to start the week of strong, but, I'm just feeling so overwhelmed at the moment.  I did really well the first part of the day, but by 3:00p, my emotions reared their ferociously ugly head.  Totally kicked my ass, hog-tied me, and crammed a slice of BK's Hershey pie and a large iced mocha down my throat!  Not two hours later, under threats bodily harm, they forced me to haul the kids to Chili's for dinner!  In a surprising show of strength and defiance, I ate only a few chips, but refused the spicy cheese dip, ordered just a bowl of creamy potatoe soup, and only scarfed back 1/4 of the Chocolate Chip Paradise Brownie a'la mode (and yes, it IS pure paradise!).

Depending on my job news, tomorrow may well be an even bigger disaster.  But I'll go down fighting!

Ganbatte everyone!

Day 8 (cake)

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Today started out badly with Granny K giving me grief.
I curled back up into bed with Ryu after a coffee and stayed their until 10am.

Breakfast - nothing.
Morning tea - two cups of coffee
Lunch  - oyakodon (chicken and egg on rice) shared with Ryu / coffee
Afternoon tea - apple and a few licks of cream and cake icing.
Dinner - udon, three yakitori skewers, small serve potato salad and some birthday cake.
Later - beer - it's Ryu's birthday after all. Today a year ago I went through hell and in memory of that I deserve a beer or three.

Water - only about 1lt
exercise - only the calories burnt off at being some fucking angry and the mother in law. Would have burnt off more calories if I had actually throttled her.

Not a good day really but there are no birthdays tomorrow and Granny K would be pushing it trying to pull another of what she pulled this morning - so no reason to not have a good day food and exercise wise.

Watch this space.

Day 8

Posted by Rachel 1 comments

So, it's been a whole week, and I did not do well today, had another barbecue to go to, which doesn't help things! I DO believe in breaking the diet for special events, however I think I still have a lot of work to do to eat sensibly at events, and not over-do it, just because. Like today, I really only needed ONE piece of chocolate brownie, not four. At least I resisted the ice cream.

Breakfast: cereal and yogurt as per usual.
Lunch: barbecue, about 5 pieces of meat (large size), two serves of green salad, two each of pumpkin, broccoli, carrot with sesame dressing, 4 fried cheeses (one of my favorite, so irresistable), coconut curry with rice, one non-alcoholic beer, a glass of coke, 2 coffees (black, yay!), those brownies, small serve of non-sweet jelly, probably a few other things I've forgotten.
Dinner: yaki-soba, 2 packs between four of us, lots more meat and veg than soba, fried egg on top. Also ate Erica's leftovers.

Here's to doing better tomorrow!

ps, I've been tidying my favorites, found this diet myths page, thought you might be interested in this about water:

"Humans need eight glasses of water a day - FALSE

The physiologist Heinz Valtin tried to track the basis of this belief, which he claims may be responsible for the excessive intake of high-calorie fluids in the modern diet.

Valtin showed a person's fluid needs depended on age, gender, activity level and state of health - as well as the weather - and varied from 500 millilitres (about three glasses) to four litres (24 glasses) a day. Despite the popularity of the eight glasses ''rule'', international guidelines on fluid intake, now under development, suggest it is arbitrary and meaningless."

(me again): that said, I think what you're doing with the water replacing the soda is great, and I think water is great for a diet, both to keep you going until a mealtime, to finish off a meal, and because sometimes I confuse thirst and hunger, and go ranging in the fridge for food when all I really need is a drink of water. Just thought the above might help you not feel so bad when you don't drink all that much, and maybe GW can start visiting the toilet less?

Days 6-7

Posted by Rachel 1 comments

Weekend Blow-out! And the scales reflect it this morning. Looks like we all had a bit of a rough weekend!

Saturday: beer. Seriously! I was too busy getting ready for the party to eat breakfast. I had a half a pannini with ham and cheese for lunch, then picked on potato chips and drank beer for the rest of the day, with some champagne thrown in for variety. Dinner was a few pieces of shiso-ume chicken at the karaoke box, and a few pieces of the BEST pizza ever at Troppies later on.

Sunday: left-over potato chips for breakfast, and a piece of pizza. Lunch was two boiled potatoes and some gravy (top hangover food!). Dinner, well... I was just about to succumb to the temptation to go get McDonald's when DH called, he was at a restaurant in town, asked us to come for dinner with him. You can't say no to that! So, dinner was yaki-tori, 3 chicken, 2 pork, some eda-mame, a ceasar salad, smoked chicken wrapped in bacon, a few fried potatoes with sour cream, a mouthful of vanilla ice cream, and two ginger-ales. I drank several at home too, so while I don't usually drink soda at all, I really made up for it today!

Crap Day II (Too)

Posted by Bryn Sunday, 6 June 2010 0 comments

Started out okay, with my whole grain waffles and banana.  Did a bit more of my big spring clean, then headed off to an English lesson.  This student and I always have our lessons in the food court, which of course only has fast food.  What's a girl to do?  I had an order of cheesy fiesta potatoes (minus the cheese, but not minus the sour cream) and a taco, and two small cokes :(

Took E and some neighbor boys to the park, had another coke and 2 oreos.

Back home did a bit more cleaning.  I'm counting this spring clean as excercise because I'm doing serious, hard core scrubbing!  I actually worked up a sweat several times!

Dinner was promising, with a slice of my yum 200 cal. pizza and a glass of pineapple juice.  But then I chased it with a cheezy pepper jack taquito, a whopping 230 calories and 14 grams of fat all by itself!!!!!

Feeling guilty, I headed out for a 30 minute power walk.  I was seriously powering it too, pumping my arms, tightening my abs, squeezing my bootius maximus (or mega-humongimus in my case) and everything.  I even did a light jog the last 1/4 home.  I didn't jog very fast, but when you're tipping the scales like I am, it really doesn't take much to get your heart rate way.

Only 1 bottle of water.  So much for the 1 coke = 2 waters rule.  But like GW said, tomorrow is a new day, starting a new week, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

Hope everyone's week gets off to a great start!

Day 7 - Crap

Posted by Gaijin Wife 1 comments

Not so good today either. Mainly because
a. The kids were needing to be entertained all day so no 'official' exercise
b. forgot to drink loads of water because of a.
c. am now having a beer - as a result of a.

breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite and a cuppa
morning tea - coffee and half a big apple
lunch - cheese toastie and a banana
afternoon tea - banana and two hard boiled sweets and some vege and fruit juice.
dinner - curry, rice and that red pickle stuff you always get with curry.
beer and if I had any cheese and bread I would be having cheese on toast. But no food in the house - huuura for small miracles.

water - only a couple of glasses
exercise - other than stomping round after spawn of the devil and his little partner in crime - um, bike to the shop for beer.

So not such a good day - BUT tomorrow is a new day, a new week, and I still have five days to try and get down to 83 point something. That would be my fabulous goal for this week :)

Hope the rest of you were better than me this weekend.

1 piece of toast with orange marmalade
1 cup of tea with soy milk and two sugars
1 big glass of water

Pre-lunch snack
2 and a half gyoza (why did I eat these? not a good choice for snack food)
1 cup of tea with soy milk and two sugars

1/2 hamburg
boiled broccoli and mushroom
zaru soba with tsuyu
1 big glass of water
1 tea with soy milk and two sugars

pre-dinner snack
mixed nuts
1 glass diet pepsi
1 coffee, soy milk, two sugars

big salad with chicken, cucumber, avocado, aojiso dressing.
2 big glasses of water
2 spoons of daughter's baby yogurt
1 zero calorie peach jelly

1 hour pilates class. Cycling to and from pilates. The cycle is very short but I was running late so it was a bit of a high speed dash.

Thoughts -
Was very restrained with the pepsi and drank more water than usual but still need more.
Am trying to cut back on sugar in my coffee and tea and 2tsp per cup is also restrained. Hoping to get down to 1tsp per cup or even better, none!
Glad I went to pilates, helps with some of the guilt but def. need to do more the rest of the week. I did find myself a little cranky throughout the day, feeling the pressure of the challenge! :) Also found myself reaching for food out of habit when I wasn't hungry. Hope to be more mindful of that.


Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 5 June 2010 3 comments

Like on 'Survivor' - I think we should be allowed a day of immunity :) 

Obviously only saying this as had a very bad day :(

Breakfast - tomato on toast
Morning tea - two cups of coffee and one of Ryu's packets of baby crackers.
Lunch - sushi (healthy and hopefully enough wasabi to kick arse the deep fried squid legs out of the system!) Ice-cream in the car on the way home. And for what it's worth I really enjoyed the first half and only ate the rest out of obligation. Felt waaaaaaaay guilty afterwards.
Afternoon tea - 2 bananas and a diet coke
Dinner - salad, few mouthfuls of fried rice and half a home-made hamburger. 
Now - beer and dried squid - but hub has ideas of romps in the hay so maybe I can work one beer off aye!!

Water - only about 500mls.
Exercise - none bar the amount I will be doing soon (wink wink nudge nudge)

All in all - a very bad day and I WILL NOT be even entering the same room as the scales tomorrow. 

Hello, I'm Fura and my muffin top doth overfloweth.
(Waves to other challenge members and onlookers)
OK, here's a bit of info.

Height - 166cm
Weight - 67.8kg early this morn (I thought I was 69 so must have lost some pretty recently)
BMI - 24.6 (giri giri in the normal range)
Ultimate goal - 59kg (might be easier to befriend a unicorn. We'll see.)

I want to lose weight, I want to lose the muffin top, but most of all I want to change my relationship with food. This is more for me about changing my lifestyle and the way I think about food rather than the numbers (weight, BMI) although of course I'd love to see those numbers drop.

I'm an emotional eater and I feel like it's time to take control of my life and stop letting food control me. Easier said than done perhaps but I'm happy to be here to give it a go!

For the past 10 years I have mostly fluctuated between 63kg and 68kg but have always had trouble getting clothes to fit, always had plenty of flab. Am the shortest and fattest in my family and growing up around skinny giants has definitely had a negative effect on my body image. Have not exercised much as an adult except for cycling a bit. Recently started a pilates class and hope that will make a difference and give me more motivation to get fit. My drug of choice is sugar and I drink way too much diet pepsi and no where near enough water. I don't make healthy food choices and my portion sizes are way too big. I'm not going to give up chocolate but I want to get to the point where I can eat one piece and feel satisfied, rather than guiltily eating a whole bar and then hating myself for it.

I had a baby 7 months ago and have lost all my pregnancy weight but I still look pregnant. Used to be pear shaped but now have a whole new tummy area so I guess I'm a hybrid apple/ pear. Ugh. Oh, and I'm breastfeeding and absolutely do not want to mess with my milk supply, so I will be very sensible about this. Cut out eating crap I don't need, drink more water, and exercise a whole lot more. Ganbaroćƒ¼!

Good day.

Posted by Bryn 2 comments

Got off to a crap start today.  We were running really late for E's baseball team pix, no time for b'fast, so whipped through the drive-thru at BK, got my fave sausage & cheese croissandwich and a small coke (that's something I guess, I usually the the mega-huge medium one!  Although the American small drink is even bigger than the Japanese large!)

But after that, I was determined to stay on track.  Started a massive spring clean, which included pulling out the washer, dryer and fridge and scouring the 3 years of muck and grime!  Cleaned pretty much all day.

Lunch was a small bowl of fried rice, in the middle of E's team PIZZA party!!!  Where there were CUPCAKES!!!!  I had NONE of either!  Wasn't even tempted, but I did have another coke.

Snack was an apple w/ 1 tbsp of low fat p'nut butter.

Dinner was a cup of grapes (looked up how many grapes equals one full serving of fruit!) and a slice of 200 calorie pizza (which I love) and.......another coke.  Damn :(

Got down 3 bottles of water today, but with the coke rule, it should have been 6, but that's still better than my usual none!  And I got in my two servings of fruit with no problem, so thinking I'll bump it 3.

Had one powdered mini-donut for snack.  Not a great day, but soooooo much better than what a typical day was like before 4MC!  So I feel pretty good.

Day 5

Posted by Rachel Friday, 4 June 2010 1 comments

Did okay today, it helps to be working, and moving around. I don't think I want a pedometer like Bryn though, as most days I think the tally from computer to kitchen, back to computer again will not be very encouraging...

Breakfast - half pottle of yogurt, rhubarb, toasted muesli with low-fat milk. I LOVE this breakfast, happy to eat it everyday. Thoroughly vindicated by this article

Lunch - Japanese salads and veges bought at supermarket in a rice-less, fried-foods-less bento thingy. mushroom, carrot, konyaku, seaweed knot, plus dried daikon salad, hijiki salad, cabbage and aburage and a small piece of simmered mackerel. One banana.

About five cups of milk tea.

Dinner was all over the place, literally - small ham, lettuce, cucumber and ?mayo sandwich on rye while in car, 4 chocolate coated peanuts at work waiting to get photographed for the new company brochure, one leftover half-chewed chicken drumstick when I finally got home after shopping at four different stores for tomorrow's party, two small new potatoes, one plain, one with butter and salt, and a handful of chocolate-coated blueberries. And very soon, after I have folded the laundry, I will have an apple.

Day 5

Posted by Gaijin Wife 3 comments

A pretty good day (she says drinking a beer - oops) 

Was up at the fuckin crack of dawn but wanted to weight a couple of hours before the weigh in so could walk the kids to kindy. After the weigh-in I was finally allowed breakfast which was an egg on toast with vegemite and a couple of cups of real coffee.

morning tea - forgot as talking to my mum.
lunch - this was my treat for losing a kilo so far - takoyaki, or fried octopus balls. So much more appetizing that they sound believe me. The mayo - hey, I walked 2km each way to get these so its all good. I parked the car at the library and walked around eating octopus balls and doing errands. 
Afternoon tea - apple (cost me bloody $3 an apple!! that would be the Aomori apple industry raping the Japanese people of their hard earned money for a bloody apple. Twas yummy though)
Dinner - home made hamburger with a salad and NONE of the chips that Shou and Marina got. 
Later - beer x 1, perhaps 2. Tis Friday night after all and hub is late AGAIN and my talk with mum was a bit upsetting and well, shit. That's just the way it will be. 

water - lots - at least 1lt, possibly 1.5.
exercise - only walking but lots of it. about 9km in total.

Note - food is tasting nicer cause I'm looking forward to it more :)
Have a couple of huge zits which I am presuming must be flummy exploding from nose and forehead.  Also farting a lot of that flummy out lately too. Nice. Not fussed. Better out than in after all. And didn't you know - fabulous people don't fart so I'm just getting it all out of my system now. Only fat people can get away with farting.

Did you read everyone's posts? All three of us lost weight - what a way to start aye. Awesome.

186.2 lbs!!!!!  Woo hoo!  That's exactly 1.5 lbs!!!!!  I've really, really cut waaaaaay back on the fat and sugar, and reduce my portions.  I'm finding that eating smaller amounts, but eating more frequently through out the day really helps.  I'm also not eating after 6pm, but do have a glass of low-fat choc. milk before bed.

I did have 2 cokes today :(  But managed to get down 1.5 bottles of water (30 oz)  I'm limiting myself to 1 soda a day right now, but I think I'm going to make it rule that in addition to the amount of water I'm supposed to drink, I'll drink another 2 bottles for every 1 soda I drink beyond my alloted 1.

I did a brisk walk around the block this afternoon, but I'm not sure how far it is, think I'll do another round tonight to measure it.  I've got a cool pedometer app on my iPhone.

Weigh in 1/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife 3 comments

First weigh in for the 16 weeks.


Don't worry, I'm sure I wont be making it big and purple if it doesn't go down!! But if I can lose 1kg a week for 16 weeks - that still isn't fabulous but it is so much closer than 85.8kg.

I have been A LOT more diligent this first week than I thought - no doubt thanks to having to write it down for everyone to see and having Rachel and Bryn doing it too - can't lie as I know Rachel and when I AM skinny and fabulous she will be able to vouch for my flummy to fabulous transformation.

I have walked 5km four times which will hopefully continue if Granny K doesn't mind looking after Ryu for an hour in the mornings - although this morning I took him with me and he sat in the toddle seat and Marina and Shou stood in the back of the double buggy, with Shou walking about 1/4 of the way.

What I have survived the week without - cheese, chocolate, chips and chuhai. Never would have thought I'd see the day :) I have had beer but only one at the end of the day (but not last night) and haven't been munching with it like I usually would.

Hub hasn't said anything and I haven't told him about my secret blog. Let's wait and see how much I have to lose before the man actually realizes!

Next weigh in - next Friday. Lets see if I can go a whole week without stepping on the scales once!! OK, so I probably can't go cold turkey but will try and be good.

Day 4

Posted by Rachel 2 comments

I'm writing the next morning so I've already done the weigh-in - 77.8, so down nearly half a kilo. Half a kilo is my weekly goal, I don't think anything quicker is sustainable.

Breakfast: yogurt and rhubarb. Had just half the pottle this time, I realized yesterday that with the rhubarb added and the cereal as well, the portion was large enough. Half a pottle left me quite satisfied. Muesli and low-fat milk.

Lunch: fried egg on wholewheat bread with butter. I usually don't have butter, I 'forgot' - I've been having too much white-bread-and-butter toast lately and got out of the habit! Large leafy salad with ao-jiso dressing, about half a cup of left-over curry, no rice.

Afternoon tea: muesli bar. I know, they have loads of sugar, but I am out of nuts.

Dinner: one mouthful of Lena's rice. Big bowl of miso soup with potato, tofu and aburage, bowl of salad with ao-jiso dressing (my current obsession), 2 pieces of fish coated in katakuriko and pan-fried. Would have been better grilled or simmered, but DH was cooking last night, so I didn't complain!

Went to bed early so no supper. Five cups of milk tea throughout the day. I really must measure how much milk I put into a cup.

Got this advice off a gym-bunny friend who lost it and kept it off, and is keen on gym, marathons, pilates, yoga and zumba!! For the stomach, these exercises strengthen the inner core, which is more effective than working the outer muscles, and helps your posture too:

1. PLANK. lying down on forearm with legs out and hold for count of 20.
2. SIDE PLANK . same but on the side raise up and down for a count of 10 and then reverse it.
3. V SIT ADOMINAL . rock on your bottom and slowly lift your leg up balancing and straighten them and hold.
4. BIKE CRUNCH. lay on back and cycle the legs not rocking the trunk, spine to the mat.
5. BRIDGE . lay on back and lift up bottom and squeeze into a bridge.
6. TORSO TRAINING FOR BACK. get on hands and knees. opposite arm and leg lift off the mat and hold then reverse

Day 4

Posted by Gaijin Wife Thursday, 3 June 2010 2 comments

Pretty good I guess except for supreme mummy meltdown this morning spurred by thought of trying to survive day on wheat germ juice and air. Didn't happen obviously. That would have been suicide.

Breakfast - water, coffee and an egg on toast with vegemite.
Morning tea - apple and more coffee
Lunch - left over curry from last night with about tbl spoons of rice - all that I could scrape from the sides of the rice cooker and half quite crunchy. Half an onigiri - Ryu go the other half.
Afternoon tea - a grapefruit ice thing - small bits of ice. Something crazy like 17kcal for the whole thing - but then it tastes pretty shit. Satisfying for the really hot days I guess. One of Ryu's baby crackers.
Dinner - Beef stew with half cup of cooked rice and a salad with that basil dressing.
Later - diet coke

Also had a half calorie light coffee thing from the supermarket.
Lots of water
5km round walk again.

I'm not feeling too optimistic about the weigh in tomorrow. I hope some has come off because compared to last week I ate so much better and did so much more exercise this week.

Hmmmm, think will have steaming hot bath for an hour in last attempt to shed three and half grams before tomorrow.

Day 3 (Bryn)

Posted by Bryn 1 comments

Jumping past Day 2, nothing spectacular to report.

Today was complete chaos, but I did okay.  Didn't resort to my usual coping mechanisms, which typically involves cheesy fiesta potatoes topped with sour cream from Taco Bell, washed down with a 32oz coke.  Followed by a bag of chips, probably a candy bar.......

B'fast:  1 SlimFast shake
Lunch:  1/2 grilled chicken sammy (plain, no cheese or mayo!) and 12oz coke
Din-din:  Healthy Choice single serving pizza (only 200 calories! but yum!), 1 glass of kool-aid

No real excercise, but clomped around all day in heels, up and down stairs all day, down the block and back several times for different meetings.  Quite a work out for the calves!

Only 1 soda again today!  But no water and no fruit.  I've seriously got to get serious!  I'll have nothing at all to show for tomorrow's weigh in!

Day 1 (Bryn)

Posted by Bryn 1 comments

(Typed this up at the end of Day 1, June 1)

Off to a pretty good start.  Discovered a very filling brekky that left me feeling full well into the afternoon!

2 whole grain waffles, topped with 1 sliced banana, 1 tbsp low fat p'nut butter and 1 tbsp lite syrup and 1 small can of milk tea.  Haven't calculated the calories/fat yet, but it's bound to be heaps better than my typical sausage/cheese croissandwich and 32oz coke from BK.

Took G and E to the park for a really nice 14km bike ride.  It was a beautiful day and it was a very leisurely, low stress ride, but waaaaaay more excercise than I've had in months (maybe years?) !

Lunch was half a grilled chicken sammy and 12 oz coke (I'm addicted to soda.  I can't and don't want to give it up, but am cutting back considerably)

Dinner was a bowl of oatmeal with a pat of butter and a sprink of sugar, and a glass of low fat chocolate milk.

Only one soda all day!  Woo hoo!  But no water :( and only the one piece of fruit :(  Still feel pretty successful though.

I typed this up two days ago, but have just got around to posting.  I'll do better, I promise!

Well, here I am, ready to join my cyber buddies.  Ready to get skinny!  Read to get fit and healthy!

History:  I've been fat for a long time now.  Too long.  I was always a regular sized girl, but with most of the women in my family being extremely overweight, I knew the skinny scale wasn't tipped in my favor. 
I had my first baby when I was still pretty young, and as young, fabulous bodies do, mine popped right back to pre-baby size almost immediately!  Why are skinny and sleep wasted on the young?  7 years, another kid and a crap marriage later, I found myself quite....fluffy. 

I ended that marriage (and now I've learned the hard way that karma is a bi-otch) and found myself quickly approaching the big 3-0, single and fat.  Enter a miracle:  Metabolife.  Seriously that stuff was soooooo awesome.  I lost 50lbs with nearly no effort.  I looked and felt FABULOUS!  At one point I was a size 4.  FOUR!!!!  The last time I was a four, I was a freshman in high school!!!!!  Someone even told me I was getting a little bit too skinny!  Then, the stupid, freakin' FDA banned my miracle.  I was crushed.  Did people actually expect me to stay skinny with proper nutrition and excercise?  Seriously? 

7 years, another kid and ANOTHER crap marriage later, I found myself....fat.  And not just fat, OBESE!  Muddled through the next 3 years, too miserable to care about much anything, let alone my ballooning weight.  And now, here I am, AGAIN.  Quickly approaching the big 4-0, single and even FATTER!

In the last 7 months, I've lost 30 lbs through sheer misery.  My broken heart killed any hint of appetite I had (I never, ever thought I'd be the kind of girl who couldn't eat.  I LOVE FOOD!  I guess I'd just never experienced that kind of brokeness before).

That brings us to today.  My heart is mending, very slowly, and my appetite has returned.  But I can't just let that 30lb loss go to waste.  Finding myself starting a new life pushing 40 was definitely a wake up call.  If I continue this lifestyle of garbage eating and sloth-like laziness, I won't have another 40 years.  Probably not even another 30.  My life could actually be more than half over right this minute.  And that scares the crap out of me.  I want to get healthy, I want to live another 40 years, and this time, I'm going to ROCK IT!!!!

I do have some obstacles towards the healthy eating.  Well, one obstacle.  I HATE healthy food.  I despise ALL vegetables, except corn, which of course has absolutely no nutrional value.  I don't care for any fruits except bananas and mikans.  I can choke down grapes, and occassionally strawberries or apples.  But, ewwwww.  I also drink NO water.  As in NONE.  Not one bottle.  Not one, single ounce.  Ever.  So my goals are geared towards changing that.  I've gotten some nice vitamins and calcium supplements that I plan to take everyday (Goal # 1), I want to eat at least two pieces of fruit everyday (Goal #2) and drink at least 2 20oz bottles of water a day (that's a loooooong way from the recommended 80oz/day, but I know if there's going to be any hope of me really doing this, turning this healthy thing into a *lifestyle* I've got to take baby steps)

I cannot do the whole "diet" thing.  I have no will power, zero self control, and if I feel deprived, I know I'll spend more time UNDER the wagon than on it.  So my aim is moderation, still enjoying the foods I love, but doing so sensibly, and balancing it with a bit more of the healthy stuff.

Current stats:

Height: 5'5"
Weight:  187.5 lbs (that's what I weighed on June 1)
BMI:  31.2 (Obese!  But I already knew that)
Ultimate goal: 150 lbs (looking and feeling fit and trim, with tons more energy and way better skin)

So here we go!  Ganbatte GW and Rachel, and anyone who may be joining us from lurky-dom)

Day 3

Posted by Rachel 2 comments

A bit better than yestereday!

Breakfast: yogurt with rhubarb. Finally found some real yogurt, complete with bacteria (if I'm reading the kanji correctly). Added the rhubarb myself. Plus a small bowl of lightly toasted muesli with trim milk.

Lunch: the last bit of that egg, on white toast with butter. Finally gone, amazing how I wanted to eat ten more of them though. Plus some Japanese salads - horenso, renkon and that dried daikon stuff and a small piece of simmered fish.

Afternoon tea: carrots

Dinner: curry - me too! I had one bowl over cabbage, one bowl over frozen mixed veg. One tablespoon of rice.

Dessert: oops again, but I had been promising this to the kids for ages. Bananas and chocolate fondue. Probably ate equivalent of one banana, and lots of chocolate.

Supper: apple

Day 3

Posted by Gaijin Wife Wednesday, 2 June 2010 0 comments

Feeling pretty good. Getting used to not being far from a toilet! What with crap pelvic floor muscles and all when I have to go I have to go. I don't think I got in a bad mood from being hungry today but then I have had a few carbs and besides, the day isn't finished so always time for a spaz out before bed I guess.

Breakfast - tomato on toast & half cup of coffee.
Morning tea - two cups of real coffee and an apple.
Lunch - left over pasta from last night and a salad.

Afternoon tea - half a tomato sammy and a diet coke.
Dinner - curry and one sembei (cracker thing)
1 X Asahi (and today I vowed all day that I wouldn't but three kids on my own over dinner, bath and bed and I convince myself I deserve a drink !! )

Water - lots
exercise - the big 5km walk again and the baby aerobics that killed my thighs on Monday. Ryu loved it. Is really just whole lot of squats followed by some swaying thing and then lifting baby up over head a few times and repeat until song finishes.
Oh, also had big mouthful of the lemonade in the fridge - if I'm being honest about everything.

We have decided weigh in day will be every Friday and progress will be reported on the ticker at the bottom and on a weekly graph if I can be arsed.

Sweet dreams & skinny fabulous living to you all

Day 2 (Rachel)

Posted by Rachel 2 comments

I think you jinxed me by asking me to join this blog!!!

No, I can only blame myself. And the Monday wines, a little bit, for giving me that voracious must-have-carbs attack.

Two slices of wholemeal toast with butter and marmite for breakfast
Lunch: egg sandwich on two slices of white bread, with butter and get this, real hangover food - mashed potato and gravy. Instant gravy, and instant mashed potato too (a punnet of jagarico jagabata- and just add boiling water)
Afternoon tea - another egg sandwich. I almost thought I must be pregnant the way I was craving egg sandwiches yesterday.
Dinner - slice of quiche, about half a dozen sauteed scallops, about half a dozen slices of tuna sashimi, one piece each simmered vegetables: satoimo, shiitake, carrot, scallop, beans, aburage.
Peaches for dessert, just less than one.
LOADS of cups of tea, as usual.

Found this: women drinkers

I could have written that!

Day 2 (Gaijinwife)

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 1 June 2010 3 comments

Could have just about eaten my own arm by breakfast. Was up half the night with Ryu and awake with Shou at 5am. Breakfast at six. Still remembered to have my two glasses of water before anything else though.

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite (no marge) and coffee.
Came home after meeting at Primary School and had two cups of REAL coffee and a banana
Lunch - piece of bread cut in two for a lettuce overload egg and tomato sammy.

Afternoon tea - tomato sammy (obviously cutting the bread in half for lunch sammy didn't cut the mustard) and a diet coke.
Later afternoon tea :) - apple
Dinner - medium bowl of cabernara bake with added veges.
One x Asahi beer (fuck it)

Water - about 1.5 liters. It seems the more water I drink the more I want - and the more I pee.
Exercise - 40 minute round trip walk with Ryu in the buggy.

Feeling OK but had some hungry patches and I had to exercise enormous amount of self control going down the chipppy and then the yummy bread aisle at the supermarket this arvo.

Height: 169cm
Weight: 78.2 kg this morning
BMI: 27.2 (overweight category)

High School weight: 58kg. I don't think it's realistic to aim for that!
Weight when I met hubby: 65kg. My goal. Would be happy with anything under 70.

Went to university, got a boyfriend, put on weight. Not sure how much, maybe to mid-70's or so.

Graduated, left boyfriend, went to Sydney to live with sister. Lost weight, due mostly to eating less. My sister has always been a good weight-watcher, eats what she likes mostly, but in sensible portions. Small meals, no seconds, no snacks, no late-night binges. Drank a lot, smoked too which helps weight loss.

Moved to Darwin, got boyfriend, got fat again. Lost job, spent a while on the dole cooking, and eating.

Moved to Japan, broke up with boyfriend, lost weight again. Almost daily swimming around 1000m, not much food at home, counted snacks I was given teaching English lessons as meals so I didn't eat too much. Mostly drank beer in the evenings! I called it my beer diet, lost nearly 25kg.

Met husband, had baby, put on baby weight. I didn't lose it after she was born, got pregnant again. Lost weight at first due to nausea, then totally got over the nausea and more than made up for it with chocolate in the final months. Put on loads of weight, never really lost it after she was born.

Third pregnancy, nausea caused me to lose weight again, this time it stayed with me through the whole pregnancy, but got milder. I went off sugar and fat and ate a very healthy diet. I felt fantastic. Weighed 6kg less after the birth than I had at the start of the pregnancy. Baby was born a very healthy 4kg.

Through continuing habits learned during that pregnancy (no snacking, late breakfast, smaller dinner, single plate of food eaten in one sitting) and a few others (only fruit or nuts for snacks, plenty of fluids), and breastfeeding, I lost a further 8-9kgs, for a low of just under 70kg before I went back to NZ in August 2008, where I promptly completely lost all control when confronted with PIES and pavs and other delicious NZ food.

It's crept up slowly since then, reaching a scary 80kg in April, prompting me to get back on track. So, I have a one-month head-start, but I go off the rails often!

Ooops wine (Rachel)

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Okay, if we're starting yesterday, FAR too many wines while watching TV at night. oops. Well, I felt like shit this morning, so it serves me right, and reminds me that the other reason (apart from calories, health and cost) that I must not drink, is how tired and grumpy I feel the next morning, even when I don't have an actual hangover. AND how much I NEED to eat horribly fattening food to cure it.

Breakfast was a banana
Lunch a marmite, cheese and lettuce sandwich, a boiled egg and a Star Bucks combini Latte, and an ice cream.
Dinner one cheese sausage, one slice of ham, half a cake of tofu, 2-3 pieces of pumpkin, 4-5 broccoli florets with a bit of mayonnaise, one teaspoonful of rice with furikake, and an ear of corn with salt and loads of butter. Oh, and LOTS of wine.

Re the guidelines, for me I have to add 'No canned coffee'. I don't know if I can do the No Chocolate thing! Maybe once a week. I think it's important to have a day off a week too.

I hear you on wanting to see results. But this is IT - slow and steady WILL work, and it will STAY off.

My goal is to be under 70 by the time I go to NZ in Dec, so I can SHOP!!

Day 1

Posted by Gaijin Wife 1 comments

I had all intentions on starting on June 1st but yesterday was a good day so I will call that Day 1  :)

Weight = 85.8kgs

Breakfast - egg on toast with vegemite - no marge
Morning tea - banana and half a carrot
Lunch - big salad with lettuce, peppers, toms, cucumber, hard boiled egg and naughty croutons / non-oil basil italian dressing.

Afternoon tea - banana and other half of carrot
Dinner - fried (tbsp oil for four people) udon noodles and a small salad

Water - probably about 1.5 litres throughout the day. (A LOT for me and probably total of all water I drank last week. Was pissing all bloody day)
Coffee - three cups
Alcohol - had to 'remove' any alcohol from fridge. Only one chuhai but then hub bought home two beers and the one chuhai made me think ah what the hell, will start properly tomorrow.

Exercise - walked to go pick the kids up from kindy with the double buggy. Almost work a sweat up pushing 30kg of squiggly squirming kid in that.  Is an hour round trip - at a good pace.
Also had baby and mum aerobics class. It was just an introduction but still, three minutes of squats holding onto my 10kg one year old and I can feel it in my thighs today.

This challenge, which I have given myself and invite anyone else to join, doesn't have any rules. Rules fuck me up and having a hard and fast list of things I can and cannot eat makes me want to break out the beer, cheese and chips even more.

Instead, the challenge has 'guidelines'.  Guidelines to help 'guide' us on our way to becoming slim, healthy and fabulous. The very simple guidelines are on the sidebar under my profile. If you think its for you then let me know and I will invite you to become a co-poster.