Starting Out - About the 4 Month Challenge...

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 1 June 2010
This challenge, which I have given myself and invite anyone else to join, doesn't have any rules. Rules fuck me up and having a hard and fast list of things I can and cannot eat makes me want to break out the beer, cheese and chips even more.

Instead, the challenge has 'guidelines'.  Guidelines to help 'guide' us on our way to becoming slim, healthy and fabulous. The very simple guidelines are on the sidebar under my profile. If you think its for you then let me know and I will invite you to become a co-poster.

A number of things have happened over the past four years that have both directly and indirectly lead to this post today.

  1. three children in 3 years. After number one I got the 'flummy' but I lost my pregnancy weight in about three months. I wondered then what all the lark was about losing weight after having a baby. Then I had another and then another - with not enough space in between (and possibly not enough motivation) to lose the second pregnancy weight. Now? Now I am at the weight I was when I GAVE BIRTH to my first child. The only difference is I don't have a nice big baby bump, instead I have a fabulously flumptious and flappy flummy. Not to mention so many curves I'm in danger of being a fuckin ball. 
  2. I had to go to a big persons shop while I was at home last to by jeans. 
  3. Some of the kids at the kindy still keep asking when I'm having the baby.
  4. I worked my BMI out a couple of days ago and I was 'obese' - this made me cry it did. I know, I know, different bodies, different shapes rah rah, but 'obese' was NEVER a word I thought I would use when talking about self.  Fortunately for me my mummy meltdown last night, during the night and this morning scared 400grams away and I am 85.4 today. I realise that's probably just the difference between a cup of coffee and a bit fart but still, I'm grasping here. I need to get to 80kg to be considered just 'overweight' and then 65kg I think to be 'normal'.
  5. There is also a whole lot of other shit that in itself is very stressful. Brain tumors, alcoholism and other dysfunctional family goings on. I stress eat. 
I have tried diets before but always tend to crap out when the going gets tough. I am a need to see results person so healthy eating and exercise for a week with only 400 grams of weight loss really fucks with my head. Now I think I am in a better place to try again. 

I used to run 6km a day, enter duathlons and marathons. I can get fit again. I don't necessarily mean that fit again - with three pre-school aged children this would be a nearly impossible feat. From next April all my children will be in day care and I will have time to run again. Until then I need to get healthy enough and lose enough weight so I can at least fit into my sports bras again!

Even if you don't need to or want to join this challenge please come and see how I'm doing from time to time and leave some words of encouragement. 

Thank you!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. ganbare!..I`ll totally be with you (and envious of you while my flummy gets bigger with bub two)..

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Ganbarou! xxx

  5. Ruthie Says:
  6. You can definitely do it! Try not to get disheartened if the weight doesn't come off as quick as you'd like. I was a bit disappointed when I was only losing around a pound (about 460g) a week but it all adds up and now 4 months on and I've lost a stone (6.3kg). Slow and steady that's the way to do it. Ganbatte! (And if you'd like me to send you little incentives for every 3kg or 4 kg or so let me know. No food of course but English magazines or something...)